New Discovery! A Winery in Westerville!!


My bestie was in town to visit this weekend and we were out and about exploring.  We decided to drive through downtown Westerville on our way back to my house when, lo and behold, we saw “Good Vibes Winery”!  Woot!

I had seen the store before but had not had a chance to explore.  So, we thought it would be fun to stop in.  On a whim, we chose to do 2 wine tastings, both the red and white varietals. Much to my surprise, the wines were delightful!  The owner, Tony, waited on us and spent some time discussing the wines as well as explaining a little about the shop and winery itself.  He actually makes the wines in the back of his shop and has been open for about 18 months.  All of the wines are named after oldies like Superstition, Pretty Woman, Born to Be Wild and more!  Records decorate the walls and the actual music plays in the background.  Ginny and I were psyched to find this place and each purchased a bottle of wine to take home and enjoy (you’ll be surprised, Dave, Gin chose a red!!)

I am excited to say that Tony and I discussed the possibility of my interviewing him at greater length and doing a feature on him, his wine making and his shop because I believe that wine making is an art form to be appreciated and savored.  So please check back in the near future to learn more about this proprietor and his wares!

As you can see from the picture, Ginny and I were quite pleased with our experience.



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