Central Ohio is Becoming Wine Country!


Marketing Manager, Lindsey

My week has been a wine lover’s dream come true!  I have been introduced to 3 new wineries here in town and am so psyched that Columbus has become more involved in the wine industry.  Last night, I visited Via Vecchia in the Brewery District and sampled their Shiraz.  I also got to meet one of the owners, Paolo Rossi and their marketing manager, the cutie to the right, Lindsey.  She told me that soon they will be getting Malbec grapes from Argentina and will begin production on that varietal soon.  She and I are making plans to get together soon for a more in-depth interview to share with my readers!

I was also lucky enough to meet the owner of Camelot Cellars on Front Street in the Short North, Janine Aquino, while attending a meeting of Dames Bond (more on that in another post!)  Janine is the fourth generation of wine makers in her family and has been in operation for several years in Columbus.  She has also agreed to an interview so I will have the honor of meeting and getting to know 3 wine makers in the near future!  Exciting!!!

I hope you will begin to follow my blog so that you, too, can learn more about the talented people who grace us with their art in the Central Ohio area and beyond:)

Janine Aquino

Janine Aquino


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