Via Vecchia Hosts Colors and Bottles


Via Vecchia in the Brewery District on Front Street


Anita, our model taking a much deserved rest

Last night at Via Vecchia was lots of fun!  Not only were we able to partake of the delicious wines that the winery makes (I had their Shiraz…Yum!) and learn painting from the lovely Rachel Murdock but there was also awesome veggie pizza available.  This gorgeous young lady was our model and wore one of Aaron James’ gowns and a matching feathered head piece.  Rachel gave some direction to the painting with tips on scale, drawing, etc and then let participants create away.

Everyone’s interpretation was so very different and each of 15 attendees did a marvelous job while having fun.  I was impressed!


my painting…a little long in the torso, I think!

Featured in this post are Rachel’s and my paintings.  You can definitely tell the difference between the professional painter and my rendition!  Somehow my version made this tiny young thing look like an Amazon!!!

Nonetheless, I had fun and so did the rest of the ladies!  This is just one of the many events that the Fashion Mob is hosting to celebrate Alternative Fashion Week in Columbus.  Tonight they’ll be at Circus with a funky variety of hairstyles, body art and accessories so go join the fun tonight if you’re in the mood for something creative and unique.

The Grand Finale fashion show and party is this Saturday, June 8 at 8 p.m.

at the 422 West State Street Warehouse in the Franklinton Art District behind COSI.  I have VIP tickets and am jazzed to see what these amazing designers have in store for Columbus!  Stay tuned after as I will be posting LOTS of pics.  Get more info at:


Rachel’s painting


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