MixeDesign Sums Up This Artist

Marie Godwin and I met about 2 years ago after both of us had just joined Etsy Team Columbus but it’s just been recently that we have really gotten to know each other.  She has been my mentor as I got this blog up and running and actually designed the format, got it up and usable and has been there for me while I learn the ins and outs of wordpress.com.  Many thanks to her for her work with this and her constant encouragement!


Marie in her window seat surrounded by her newest creations, pillows!

Although she opened her Etsy.com shop, MixeDesign,  in 2011, it’s only recently that she has become fully active with it.  Prior to this, she was selling most of her art on eBay.  Recently, she opened another shop called Contemporary Cottage where she sells pillows and pillow covers.IMG_2625

Marie has recreated herself artistically several times since her training as a photographer at Ocean County College in NJ 18 years ago.  She was born in Philadelphia, but lived most of her life in Toms River, New Jersey.  Although she’s  been in Columbus, Ohio for 14 years, she states that her attitudes and approach to life are definitely Jersey-born. She explains this by saying: “I like people who give their honest opinions when asked; those who you know are their true selves….basically honest & upfront people. And I also appreciate good sarcasm :-)”
In addition, she has a Bachelors in Art Education from OSU that she completed this in 2005 for 2 reasons: first, she always wanted the completed piece of paper in her hands because she had attended college before, but never finished; second, there was a time in her  life that she thought she should get a ‘real’ job.  However, by the time she was in the end-zone of her degree, she recognized that she preferred being self-employed.
She  did portraiture for about 12 years, but the digital age caught up to her ….or as she says, “I couldn’t keep up with the very frequent changes in the digital market and still keep my pricing affordable for clients.” Thus came  her first incarnation as a painter.   She’s  always painted, and her artworks overlapped with her photo profession. Eventually though,  she stopped doing portrait studio work and continued with paintings and added mixed media to the her resume.
Experimenting with papermaking started  about 3 years ago. Because she  had lots of *leftovers* from her garden…leaves, twigs, etc., that she  wanted to recycle into the paper sculptures she became self taught, which was a bit eventful because mold can grow while the paper is drying. “I found that the best time to make my paper is in the winter while the heat is on, rather than in the summer.”
Then this year she added  the pillow business  (Contemporary Cottage)to her growing list of accomplishments.  However, this is not her first foray into seamstress work.  Actually, it’s pretty funny that she said she never wanted to sew for a living but never say never!!! She began  overflow sewing work for her sister’s etsy business for a few years, and decided to open her own home accessories shop . So far, it has gone well with sales of a  few pillows, a few custom orders, and recently beginning a blog. (www.ContemporaryCottage.com)studio-2
She classifies her artwork as:
 a combination of paintings, paper sculpture, and mixed media works. What they all have in common is that they are inspired by nature. I am consistently drawn into what is around me, and it is reflected in all the artworks I do.  When I lack inspiration, I take a walk through my garden or a park, and it comes back easily.
She believes that art is a process of continual learning. There are frequent moments during the creation of a piece when a roadblock may occur. It becomes necessary to incorporate new ideas and methods to get the finished design to look  like the original idea.
An example of this would be her  paper sculptures.  These could be  considered a finished piece because of the paper making process but  she decided to add trimmings to each piece (twigs, grape vine pieces, corn husks, etc….plus beading) to integrate more natural elements.  To accomplish this she  had to learn how to use a dremel tool despite not generally getting  along well with power tools.  Whala!  Her creations came to life and she even overcame her nemesis!sweat-shop
Besides her Etsy.com shop, she sells her paintings online through her website and sometimes lists on eBay.  She does believe that eBay can lead to a  bit of exposure, some sales and it is a great way to do a studio clean out.
Marie states that self-employment is often mistaken to be an easier life than a 9-5 grind.But she has  found that she works harder for herself than she would for any employer….more hours, with more hats to wear… the idea creation, marketing, accounting, accountability…all of those things belong to the artist…ie: no one else to blame for the mishaps!  That being said, she  wouldn’t trade what she does for a 9-5 for any price.   ” I enjoy the successes, even the failures. I learn from both, and make my world better for me and my clients.”
Contact info for readers:
phone:  614-397-8884
artwork website:  www.mkgodwin.com
artwork etsy shop:  www.MixeDesign.etsy.com
pillow website:  www.ContemporaryCottage.com

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