Art on the Walk Polaris


The little art event will be happening again in the Polaris area, actually at the Polaris Starbucks store.  One of their employees, Lisa Des Jardin, is planning on riding one of the Pelotonia routes in August and has put together a  “I Love Art on the Walk” featuring several Columbus artists’ works.  She organized this to begin collecting her $1200 entry fee to Race for the Cure in this 4- year- old event.  A limited edition photographic print by her daughter, Jessica DesJardin, will be raffled on Saturday July 13th…a gorgeous black and white photo of a tiger from the Columbus Zoo.  To learn  more about the Pelotonia and how you can contribute or volunteer, go to  In the meantime, come out to support Lisa in her efforts and enjoy your favorite beverage at Starbucks (I’ll be getting a green tea frap!!)  Hours are 9:00 am-1:00pm  July 20 2013.


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