Art Party Today

art partyToday I was invited to attend my first Art Party’s monthly get together at the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center on West Lakeview Avenue.  It was a very loosely organized gathering of artists from the Columbus area.  A place for artists to come and connect, work on their art, socialize and relax.  I met some really nice and talented guys, ranging from jewelry maker to rehab specialist and had a chance to discuss having an shop, doing art shows, how they make their art and so much more.  What a friendly group of folks!  Before I knew it, two hours had gone by and I hadn’t done a thing creatively!!!  But, that’s okay because making the connections was just as important which is what I think this whole group is about thanks to it’s originator, Tona Pearson.

I met Tona at the 614 mixer a couple of weeks ago and she was kind enough to invite me to become a member of their Facebook page.  I have to say that this is the first group of artists that I have joined that was just free spirited and wanted everyone to have fun. relax and shoot the breeze…create if you want or not!  The center is a great little place to meet and feels like the perfect place to just hang with other creative types.  Tona welcomes all artists to join the group so contact Tona at: and seeing about attending a future monthly event!



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