Help An Ohio Artist Get Wheels Again

river yard saleOhio Artist, River Wolfe, has been confined to a wheelchair since being injured while hiking in 1986, paralyzed from the sternum down.  After graduating with a Master’s degree in Counseling in 1991, she worked as a drug and alcohol counselor, but 8 years later  was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which was adversely affected her ability to work a 9-5 job.  She left her profession in 1999 and turned her hobby of making jewelry into a part-time business, creating River Wolfe Art Jewelry.

River and her partner, Jonny

River and her partner, Jonny

Now she travels Art and Craft Shows all over Ohio, Pennnsylvania, Michigan and Indiana to sell her jewelry. She currently drives a 13 yr old van with a wheelchair lift and hand controls that  enable her  to drive.  However, earlier this summer, she was told that her van had irreparable problems.  Without this van, she will be deprived of her business and income and confined to her home.  Unfortunately, she cannot obtain the type of van she needs (wheelchair lift, special hand controls) is not affordable or covered by medical assistance.

In an attempt to purchase a new vehicle, River has started a fundraising campaign with  To this date, she has been able to raise $3700 but that is just a drop in the bucket as this van could cost upwards of $30,000!!!

Soooooo… step her multitude of friends and fellow artists to coordinate a huge yard sale to benefit River.  This yard sale has been growing by leaps and bounds and will not only feature sale items of every persuasion but musical entertainment, baked goods and beverages.

For all of you that are artistically inclined there will be a ton of art/crafts-related items for sale as well as household goods, gardening equipment and various and sundry “another man’s treasures!!”  So come on out and support a good cause by buying, buying , buying on what is supposed to be a beautiful Friday and Saturday 9-4 at 509 Melrose Avenue in Clintonville…then on Saturday follow  up with fun at that CrestFest!

River's jewelry

River’s jewelry


2 thoughts on “Help An Ohio Artist Get Wheels Again

  1. If you are in touch with River Wolfe, please tell her to get in touch with the “VSA”. the “disabled artists” branch of the Ohio Arts Council. They have all kinds of grants and help and perhaps they could help her, especially since she is obviously trying hard to help herself.

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