Home Again…Not Willie Nelson’s Version!

don't buy from strangersI am back home after a whirlwind trip to help my guy deal with his aunt’s house/estate in Florida.  We worked our butts off (him for 3 weeks, me for 2.5 days) .  I have come back with a new appreciation for the mantra”de-clutter!!!” AND for all things that are vintage.

We found some amazing things like his grandfather’s immigration and citizenship papers…he was from Italy, around Rome; his aunt’s wedding pictures from Casablanca; his nonna’s naturalization papers and so much more family history along with heartfelt letters/notes from his aunt’s students’ parents…she taught kindergarten for 50 years!!!!  Whew!  What a journey we had in a few short days together.

I’m happy to say that I brought some of that history home with me.  Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my friend and fellow artist, Teresa Morbitzer of Vintage Vamp as we peruse a ton of jewelry and buttons from my his aunt’s stash.  It is nice to know that what his aunt saved will go to many folks who create.  I can’t wait to see what amazing creations come out of her everyday jewelry and buttons!

It also gave me inspiration to finally get into my studio and stop procrastinating so that it is clutter free.  Then I can embrace my desire to create more fully.  Also helped me realize how finite this life is (no, I am NOT going to wax sentimentality here, folks!) and how much time I have spent avoiding my creative urge just because my studio is a mess…really sad, huh?  Gotta get past this block I have experienced lately and celebrate my creativity!

As I look back on this trip, I have asked myself many questions.  How much do we really need to create, live and be happy? The good old U S of A is so consumer oriented that it is mind boggling to me.  This trip has given me a renewed promise to self to stop buying what I don’t need, start using what I do have and appreciate how lucky we, as Americans, are to HAVE so very much.  It has also renewed my belief that we need to support local crafts-people/artisans.  In addition, it has led me to ask LOTS of other questions,  like:

live handmade 2

What do you need to do to make your studio a place to express your uniqueness?  Can you create without spending?  What advice do any of you have for appreciation of ‘less’?  how can we support local artisans and keep our footprints small during the holiday gift-giving season?  I heard on the radio while traveling that we are the only country that spends so much time (76% of Americans) worrying and thinking about what we will buy others for the holidays!!!  REALLY??? (SNL with Amy Pohler and Seth Myers!)

I’d really love to hear from you!!!  AND, of course, if there are upcoming events you would like for me to feature, please drop me a line!   I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth in the last month so get me up to date, please.  I know that this is the busy season for many of us artisans with shows, holiday boutiques and more so keep me posted.

On a side note…I am so sorry that I didn’t promote Attack of the Killer Crafts held be Heather and Mike at What the Rock?! and probably other things that happened last weekend while I was packing clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses and who knows what else!!!  I hope that all of your events were successful and fun!


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