Girlfriend Weekend…Delights Abound

My weekend was filled with girlfriend time and fun events that  I wanted to share some of them with you!  First, yesterday I had brunch with some of my fav lady friends at PK O’Ryan’s, a popular breakfast haunt of those who like the downtown Worthington vibe.  That was followed by an evening at one of these friend’s condos playing Mexican train dominoes, sharing wine and food and generally just having lots of laughs.


Mitzi and Sweetie!

Today there was a chill in the air but that didn’t stop Aroon and me from frolicking at the park with one of her favorite buds, Sweetie, and her mom and my good friend, Mitzi.  We also got to meet up with Aroon’s best boyfriend, Jet, for lots of romping and Sumo wrestling doggie style.

Vintage Vamp Customer Appreciation Open House

Vintage Vamp Customer Appreciation Open House

More girl time followed with my sweet friend Rachel (who I hope will be a featured artist soon!) as we perused my favorite jewelry artist and dear friend, Teresa Morbitzer’s (Vintage Vamp) wares at her customer appreciation open house in German Village. We also got to take in Brooke Albrecht’s lovely illustrations and designs as a part of this event.  As always, it was next to impossible to choose ONE thing to purchase but I settled on giving Ms. Rachel an early birthday presentrach's necklace that you can see right here!  I love Teresa’s style,covet her homey and stylish studio and cherish the friendship we have developed this year…a lovely event!  Plus I got to turn Rach on to her with the hopes that some type of bond will be forged between Vintage Vamp and The Alternative Fashion Mob (Rachel is a Mobster!).

pistacia vera


Rachel ordering

IMG_3360From there, Rachel and I ventured over to Pistacia Vera…OMG!!!!!  This place is hog heaven for ANYONE who loves unique and scrumptious baked goods, pastries and more!  My friend, Buzz, has wanted to go there with me for a while but we just haven’t been able to arrange a mutually agreeable time IMG_3356to meet.  SOOOO, I was thrilled to find out what he was so very jazzed about.  I could not even begin to make a choice as to what to try so I was very pleased that Rachel made the selection!!  She treated me to several varieties of their macarons.  WOW!  We split their raspberry fig, chocolate mint, pistachio, buckeye and vanilla macarons and we were both in paradise.  IMG_3358

Our sele

Our selection of macarons accompanied by green iced tea

As we caught up with each other’s news, we discussed how dangerous it would be to live very close to this dessert boutique as we would want to stop for coffee/tea and some delectable baked good every day!! Not only did they have desserts but they also serve lunch and dinner, have a gluten free menu and have some great little goodies like boutique marshmallows and jams (I gave in and splurged on their raspberry fig jam!) that would make perfect little gifts.

OK…I admit it!  I have to go back now.  This time I hope with the elusive Buzz to meet the owners and get an interview!  I definitively recommend their macarons and want to try so much more of their goodies!

What a great way to enjoy friends, spend the weekend in this diverse and booming city of ours!

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