Purging and Loving It!

The purge has begun!!!  I made up my mind after sorting through so much STUFF at Ron’s aunt’s house that I needed to declutter, simplify and get rid of.  I started yesterday by selling the entrepreneur, Aisha Echols of Sweet Simpliciteas, 8 of my teapots!!!  Not only did I find  new home for a portion of my collection but I contributed to this lovely young lady’s new incubator store in the Columbus Commons area.

If you remember, Aisha helped me launch my blog by being my first artisan interview and I have been commenting on and watching her progress since then.  She came to my house yesterday afternoon and browsed my beauties while we talked about running a business, opening a store, the health department, inspiration and so much more.  She has so many wonderful ideas for her store like little girl tea parties, high teas, hosting the Red Hat Society tea parties…the possibilities are endless… and has already begun to make the connections to make her dreams a reality.  I am sure that this is a daunting task but she is so creative and has such a vision that she can’t help but be successful.  She hopes to open near the end of February 2014 so stay tuned for more information about her grand opening and remember to: SHOP LOCAL–SUPPORT LOCAL! (and enjoy my teapots!)

Aisha's New Retail Space!

Aisha’s New Retail Space!

sweetAisha tea 2


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