She Listened to Her Butterflies…That’s Carrie Turner!

101_1191 - Copy 101_5999(2)Being a member of The Art and Artists of 614 has given me a plethora of creative people to interview and led me to the Art Party and their members.  That is how I first learned of Carrie Turner. Later, I learned more about her and her art through postings on the Facebook page and we have corresponded frequently.  Since her upcoming Third Annual Erotic Show is coming up in a little over a week, I thought this would be a good time to feature her and promote the show.

Carrie, nicknamed Butterfly, grew up in Southeast Ohio (New Concord) where she was the president of the art club her senior year at John Glen High School (1997) and became friends with Natasha Oliver (later to become her studio partner…keep reading!)  Carrie then attended Ohio University, graduating in 2001, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and lost touch with Natasha.  However, when she returned to the New Concord area to work in PR for the local library system, she and Natasha reestablished their friendship, quickly discussing the possibility of sharing studio space.  In 2011, they opted for a large space on the third floor of the Tower Studio building in Zanesville owned by sculptor Alan Cottrill.  Not only were they able to create in this space, they were able to hang their work, began inviting guest artists to exhibit and opened the studio during the  First Friday event to bring in prospective patrons. During one of these events, artist Joleen Kinsel stopped by.  She and Carrie seemed to have similar life experiences and art visions.  Although Joleen was currently renting space and exhibiting in another gallery, she had no studio besides one in her home.  That led to  exploring  the possibility of the three artists sharing one space.  Synchronicity!!!  As it happened, the Masonic Temple was renting the fifth floor of their building; the three ladies discussed it and jumped at the chance!first friday
Early in 2012, they secured the space with two other artists, Joe Murphy and Allen Deaver.  Eventually, the gentleman left the space and it is now run entirely by the lady artists (Carrie- Butterfly’s Art; Natasha- Natural Notions Henna and Joleen_-Studio 12). After ripping out miles of old phone wiring and old disgusting carpeting, the trio  put laminate flooring in the gallery area, a Jackson Pollock inspired painting on Joleen’s floor and a purple floor in the kid’s room. They had painting and work parties for days with the  grand opening of ‘The Artist Collective'(TAC) in May of 2012.
During the last 1 1/2 years,  the space has  gradually grown and changed as needs change and artists come and go.  However, the main goals are to share unique art with people in Zanesville and expose them to art they would not normally get a chance to experience.   All three love interactive art, installation art, unusual art, and erotic art mainly because there are not other venues that feature these genres. Through these exhibitions, the artists are hoping to progress the art scene in Muskingum County.  The other objective of The Artist Collective is to showcase and help newer/up-and-coming artists by providing them with a place  to be featured artist of the month and display in the main gallery area. Thus giving them a low pressure way to see how art shows are put on, the hanging process, how work needs to be framed for display, etc.  Therefore,  the space is split up into 6 main areas: the main gallery area (used for the featured artist shows during the First Friday art walk); the kid’s room (utilized by Joleen and Natasha’s kids and  any visitor’s kids during the art walk); Joleen’s studio space to the left of the gallery area; Natasha’s space; a space to use for community projects and classes in the center of the large room, and Carrie’s space.  Currently, there are 6 other artists that display in The Artist Collective: Jessica Bradley, Dede Parker, Jim Parker, James Rodgers, Jason Lee Smith, and William Tickhill.IMG_20121111_164328
Three years ago, The Artist Collective collaborated with Joel Weston, and Heather Cornelius  (artists from Columbus) to present the first ever Erotic Show in Zanesville. Each artist showcased 5 tasteful images;  photography, painting. and  multi-media pieces. A book containing all of the images in the show was also created and sold at the show (it has been published and is for sale on Amazon). Although, the show created controversy,  over 500 people attended despite an extremely cold First Friday in February 2012. Last year (Feb 2013), TAC accepted 22 artists to display work and created another book.  Visitors could also watch an airbrush artist while he painted 3 women in the gallery.  Attendance increased last year and  TAC anticipates that it will continue to grow each year.  The controversy that once accompanied the show has lessened with attendees of various ages continuing to be seduced by sensually tasteful and  beautiful artwork.  This year’s show has grown even more to feature performing artists and even more works of art (see the end of this post for more details and a link to the event itself). 

Purple Banded Sunbird

Purple Banded Sunbird

The Artist Collective is generally only open to the public during the First Friday art walk; however, it is the working studio of Carrie, Joleen, and Natasha so it is open by appointment as well when they are available.
With all that was happening with the collective, Carrie took the leap of faith in 2013 and followed her lifelong love of art to pursue creating full time.  This really isn’t surprising to those that know her as she has taken art classes her entire life from a variety of people including numerous classes while attending OU.331988_233814359999482_189314211116164_592685_1047103906_o
When asked to categorize her art, she stated that most of her  artwork is upcycled, but she doesn’t really confine herself to one genre.  Rather, she is interested in just about every type of art and has tried her hand a variety of mediums at one time or another. She prefers acrylic paint to oil because she is an impatient person; wanting to get the idea out of her head and onto canvas. Recently, she’s been relying on photography to transmit her artistic thoughts as that’s an even faster means to capture her creative visions than with acrylic paint. Her inspiration comes from nature, colors, people, beauty and the human body.IMG_3347
I’m continually learning new techniques and always happy to share them with others. I teach painting party style acrylic painting classes currently as well as teach individual classes in my art studio.
Nine of her pieces were accepted into the MadLab Gallery’s “Too Much Photography” show and one piece in the Holiday Hop Show at Image Optical on High Street which took place in December 2013 in Columbus. Her first book Finger My Pages including  erotic poetry, short naughty tell-all memoir stories, lesbian lovers, BDSM musings and her private fantasies exposed (erotica) was published on 1/11/2014 and  can be purchased online at the following website: and will also be available for purchase at her studio. Fans can like the book’s Facebook page: my pages
She frequently sells her work at art festivals and shows in the Central and Southeastern Ohio area. Her work is also for sale in her studio in Zanesville, at Modern Cleaners in New Concord, Ohio, and Second Time Around Shop, in Lore City, Ohio. Online her work can be found and purchased:
Information about the upcoming Erotic Show:
The Erotic Show – 3rd Annual!
Friday, February 7, 5-8 p.m.
during the First Friday art walk
The Artist Collective
38 N. 4th St. – Room 512 (Elevator available)
Zanesville, OH 4370147
Hot artists and performers – 1 hot night only!
More than double the artists and artwork from last year. New seductive performers, sensual food and drinks, feel good aphrodisiac music.
Let yourself be taken on a classy and erotic journey with these images made to convey a mood, thought, sensation, and tingle! If you want to see the magic, put this date on your calendar, and get the night off work!
Schedule of performances:
Lady Monster 6:00-6:10 pm
Miss Theresa 6:10-6:20 pm
Lady Monster 6:30-6:40 pm
Miss Theresa 6:40-6:50 pm
Roman and Jennifer 7:00-7:20 pm
Roman and Jennifer 7:30-7:50 pm
(Lady Monster and Miss Theresa are professional burlesque dancers from the Columbus Burlesque Collective. Roman and Jennifer are a sensual dance power duo. Roman hails from St. Petersburg, Russia. He joined forces with Jennifer in 2010 and they’ve since been taking the art world by storm, revolutionizing the art of dance, and bringing back it’s once commanded beauty.)

NEWLY ADDED: LED LIGHT SHOW PERFORMANCE in the ballroom on the 6th floor by Stoey Stout and friends.
The Erotic Show features original, intimate, steamy works by artists from all over Ohio and surrounding states:
Jim Parker
Carrie Turner
Joleen Kinsel
Natasha Oliver
Brett Hunt
Drew Tanner
Daniel Stucky
Laura Jane Evert
Angela Locke
Sarah Jean
Paul Dumas
Alan Reeve
Tim Johnson
Samantha Pandy
Deborah Scott
Jay Mueller
Gene Jorgensen
Dave Ungar
Chris Maher
Michelle Renee’ Higgins-Woodward
Peter Toebbe
Derek Stewart
Mary Meyers
P.E. Palfreyman
Patricia Koons Anna Inez
Gary Mitchell
Rosemarie Rice
Matt West
Justine Murasky
Mike Thorne
Jeremy Bennett
Tenika Ferguson
Lady Monster
Miss Theresa
Roman and Jennifer
Brian Hyrne
Douglas Crabtree
Timothy Peek
Marlene L’Abbe
Lauren Hartmeyer
Erin Cottrill
Heather J Luker
Linda Regula
Helen Varela
Dirty Steve (S. Dressler)
James M Photography
Attendees must be over 18 years of age to enter The Artist Collective gallery this evening

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