The Darker Side of Love

Valentine’s Day is taking on a darker side this year in Columbus so get your art on at one of these two events tomorrow evening!!!
Dark Love
400 West Rich Street
7-11 p.m.
Looking for a good time? Why don’t you put on your fancy clothes and head  to Strongwater Food and Spirits event space for a class act evening of art and entertainment?

This  art show is comprised of works depicting different artist’s different takes on what “Dark Love” means. Journey into the mind of these artists, all while being serenaded sweetly by music, and dazzled by several other class acts.
Get your lover’s fortune told by  local witchy celeb Meag the Happy Medium. She will also have potions and powders available to help you obtain your deepest desires!

Art By:

Dakota CoCo Collins, Andrew Crosby, Laura Jane Evert, Christin Hutchinson, Tom Kelly, P.e. Palfreyman, Jim Parker, Tona Pearson, Daisher Rocket, Carrie Turner, AJ Vanderelli, Donna Williams, Charles Shipley Wince, Ellen Knolls, Timothy Peek, Aeryn Musick, Cyrus Fire, Ashley Pierce, Jay Mueller, Brian Hyrne, Shannon Shaw, Jane Landwehr, Holly Sampson, Leighanna Wartooth Grundykiller, Meghan Ralston, Randal Pearson, Aaron Thompson, Roger Kent Grosswiler Jr., Laurie Barron, Derek Stewart, and more!

Watch live art demos by Eric ShookAndrew Lundberg and W. Ralph Walters!

Get tickets for an awesome raffle!
Raffle items include Gift cards from:
Rendezvous, and Evolved
LMC gateway theaters
Acts include (but are not limited to):
Sacred shimmy belly dance
Roman Sirotin & Jennifer Gordon
Buckles and Boots
Plus much more!

Broken Hearts Masquerade Ball

broken hearts

The stores have adorned themselves in red and pink…hearts and lipstick kisses…flowers and chocolate, and while they prepare to sell us all these things to prove our devotion to the ones we hold closest to us through mass consumerism, Church will be preparing to throw another raucous party for all you jaded romantics out there who believe in real Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love!The Broken Hearts Masquerade Ball returns to Skully’s Music Diner, bringing you a masquerade party filled with goth and industrial beats, stiff drinks, and some high quality masked debauchery. Lovers, Loners, and everyone in between won’t forget this night any time soon!As always, this event is all about the people and the party, no contests, no prizes, no competition. We want everyone to feel included and in that vein, if you show up without a mask, you’ll get a free plain black one on us!+++Your DJs for the Evening+++
+dj broken boy

The Broken Hearts Masquerade Ball 2014

An Event for the Jaded Romantic in All of Us
unique masks encouraged, plain black provided

Friday February 14th, 10pm
Skully’s Music Diner
1151 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

18 – 20 = $10 / 21+ = $5

Alternative Fashion Mob Meeting

AFM 2-18 mtg

501 Park Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

February 18th 6 p.m.

 Do you want to model, volunteer, or take photos for the Alternative Fashion Mob??

Come out and hear about all of their upcoming events and how you can be a part of them!!

The AFM is looking for:

* Runway models (Men AND women of all ages, shapes, sizes, styles, heights, and looks are welcome! The AFM enjoys uniqueness!)

* Photographers (For runway, event, and fashion photos.)

* Street Team members (Are you outgoing and friendly? Help promote events and spread your passion for fashion throughout Columbus!)

* General volunteers (If you have special skills, they’ll try to use them — but you don’t need any… just looking for people who love fashion & wanna have fun!)

If you want to be a part of Alternative Fashion Week 2014, now is your chance! Don’t miss all the fun. Bring your friends and check the AFM out!

Check out AlternativeFashionMob.ORG
“Like” them on Facebook


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