crowd at Tacocat

crowd at Tacocat

That is the only headline I could come up with for this post because that is how I feel after attending last night’s Tacocat reception for the Lustron exhibit and Glassquerade at Glass Axis.  First, I stopped by Tacocat to see not only the exhibit but the studios themselves and, hopefully, meet some artists, see some folks I already know.  I got a chance to do just that!!!  Let me say that the Lustron exhibit is AMAZING!  I could not get over how diverse the artists’ use of the panels were, from painting to mixed media to  3-D creations. I could go on and on about this but I would just suggest that you make a trip to the gallery and check it out yourself! I’m featuring a few pics but they don’t do justice to the creativity, beauty and diversity of this exhibit.  I was also pleased to run into some folks I know like Amy Leibrand, Lisa McLymont, Casey McCarty, Ric Stewart (all soon to be featured artists!) Donna McCarty Estep, and Walter Herrmann (already featured here).  On top of that, I got to meet some artists that I recognized from The Art and Artists of 614 like Meghan Green (Stinky Bomb), Adam Brouillette and Catherine Bell Smith. All of which I hope to interview in the coming monthsPicMonkey Collage

IMG_4148Not only was the exhibit amazing, so were the individual studios where artists do their creating but also display their work.  I’m gonna be a busy lady with Tacocat artists!!

OSU student demo

OSU student demo at the Axis

Fashion show

Fashion show

After that, I found my way over to Glassquerade, a fund raiser for Glass Axis and also in Grandview.  Again, I was blown away by the talent we have in our city.  After chowing down on some goodies and getting myself a glass of red wine, I ambled around the place watching the OSU students and their demonstration, checking out the silent

Hot Mamas, Lisa Horkin and Theresa Cress

Hot Mamas, Lisa Horkin and Theresa Cress

auction items (making a few bids, too!), and enjoying the fashion show that featured clothing incorporating glass.  I am pleased to say that I finally met Lisa Horkin (YAY!) and her friend/colleague, Theresa Cress of Great Balls of Fire jewelry and blown glass vessels.  We chatted for a short while and Lis showed me the model for the new Glass Axis home in Franklinton.  THAT is gonna be spectacular!!!  The plan is for members to be able to move in and use the studios/furnaces by some time in October.  How exciting for Franklinton!

To end the evening, I watched an incredible hour long demonstration by Jack Gramann as he made a gorgeous blown glass head and carnavale mask that he then melded together.  Sweat dripped from this young man as he worked with his assistant…the audience was getting pretty warm too (I can attest to that!) but was so fascinated by his creative process that we couldn’t take our eyes off him…well worth the heat!  While watching this, I also had the opportunity to meet some emerging glass artists who had been part of the fashion show.  Three lovely young ladies who have agreed to let me tap their pretty little minds for info about glass, being an emerging artist and more!


Artist Jack Gramann melding mask to face

Artist Jack Gramann melding mask to face

I must say that as I drove home last night, I realized how in awe I am of all who create; no matter what their form of art is.  It also inspired me to get back into my studio and get cracking/experimenting with my art.  Columbus certainly does rock the art world!!!

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