I ♥ Columbus!!!



Sunday afternoon and into the evening were packed with fun for me and my sweet girl, Aroon.  We headed down to Whetstone for a nice long walk along the river and saw tons of folks out riding their bikes, running, walking and just enjoying a spring day…finally!!! Got to see lots of nature, too…I love trees so I had fun playing with photos while we strolled.IMG_20140406_093140


From there we went to the Crimson Cup to meet a friend and Aroon got a cup of whipped cream filled with biscuits…she was in seventh heaven!  After visiting for about an hour while sitting outside, we made our way up to the High Road Gallery for their artists’ reception.  Of course, my girl couldn’t come in…no, she sat in the car and barked!!! YIKES!…but I did a quick sweep of the gallery and was amazed at the talent there.  Best of show went to artist Deane Arnold, who will be featured in my blog in the near future.  I was also amazed at the sculptures that resident artist, Mike Tizzano, is working on(I hope to feature him soon, too!) and Gary Hovey‘s made from silverware were beyond words.  I definitely will be contacted him for an interview!  I wish I could’ve stayed longer but I didn’t want my girl freaking out or disturbing everyone in Worthington!

Deane alongside his painting

Deane alongside his painting



Next we headed home but my day of art and amazingly talented people was not complete!  After reading for a while, I headed back out to Grandview to take in the AAAO (Art and Artists Of…) Inaugural Show at Tacocat.  This included artists from the 614, 419, 740 and 216 area codes encompassing a good portion of our Buckeye State.  Not only were the entries phenomenal, the show was very well attended (I was logged in as the 229th visitor and many more came after me!) for a Sunday evening.  Entries were 3D, 2D, fiber, mixed media, photography…the entire gamut of artistic mediums.  IMG_20140406_094355IMG_20140406_094814IMG_20140406_094543

My time there started when Walter Herrmann was explaining about the exhibit and the upcoming mixer for 614 artists at the main library.  I just happened to look to my left and, what do you know, I see someone I was friends with in Vaude-Villities a million light years ago!!!  OMG…what are the chances?  We hadn’t seen each other in years and now she has a 12 and 16 year old daughter!  YIKES!  What a great way to start the evening!!!

From there, I took in the art throughout the gallery, spoke with Walter, Ralph Walters, Christopher Burk, introduced myself to many other folks and then spent some time getting to know Adam Brouillette better.  He and I discussed his upcoming shows and wedding and his construction of a table and chairs for his apartment.  In the months of May and June I will be featuring him and the other artists who inhabit the studios of Tacocat in preparation for their one year anniversary…I am super psyched!  Cannot wait to learn more about these talented people and get a chance to promote their work and their gallery!!! Woot!IMG_20140406_095009

I ended the evening with a heaping serving of the best fries in town from That Food Truck.…scarfed those babies up on the way home feeling grateful for the many people I have met over the last year, the diversity of our artistic community and the direction that 614 is going in the future.  I am truly blessed to live in this Queen City and to have the opportunity to see its artisttic explosion!

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