Emerging Designs Debut on April 26th

Welcome to the Alternative Fashion Week some brand new designers….no really…brand new as in they have never shown their fashions to the public!!  Woot!  AFM is so psyched that they will debut with the grand finale on April 26th!  Read more about these emerging artists:

Cleopatra Slough and Caroll Kern: Caroll+Cleopatra

Cleopatra Slough and Caroll Kern

Self-proclaimed cat people and  juniors at CCAD pursuing undergrad degrees in fashion design, Caroll Kern (from Nashville) and Cleopatra    (from Lawrence, Kansas)  of Caroll + Cleopatra are collaborating for the AFW finale.  They have worked together for a few years in classes and personal side projects. Both are also in the honors program and showcase their work in campus galleries every semester. Although fashion is their passion,  they both are also interested in photography and jewelry design/making.

Caroll Kern, Photographer

The 70’s strongly influence the designs they create for young confident women (like them!!)  Music and textiles from that era really inform our work, and we tend to put a slightly girly twist onto things.  

 Attending CCAD provides lots of inspiration for their work…friends and fellow artists at the school certainly fuel creative juices for both young ladies.  One example of this was learning Shibori and Nuno Felting in their Surface Design class last week and observing not only what they were taught but what their peers created!

At this point, they do not sell their designs anywhere but do take commissions when they have time, creating only one-of-a-kind clothing.

Caroll Kern, Photographer

 Q&A  What is essential to your design process?  .We sketch A LOT.

Why the AFM/AFW?  We found out about AFW through our school’s Career Services program! We think of ourselves as alternative designers, so we definitely thought it would make a great fit!

 Dylan Kasson, Photographer

What fashion trend do you wish would go away forever? We HATE Uggs!

 Who are your musical muses?  Our favorite bands are The Smiths,  Psychedelic  Furs, The Clash, and Nirvana.

What other fashion era helps you get your groove on?  Right now Cleo and I throw back a lot to the 80’s and 90’s.

 Dylan Kasson, Photographer

Contact for readers:



Shannon Kelleher :Shannon Kelleher Designs 

Made entirely from recycled materials!

Shannon Kelleher of Shannon Kelleher Designs is our neophyte designer having just created her label a month ago!  She is a student at OSU (originally from Xenia) and we are so excited to have her on-board with AFM this year!!

So far, her design aesthetic is simple silhouettes, bright colors, loud patterns but she’s still working defining herself and her style…come on she’s just getting those creative juices flowing, folks!  She def wants to design for women who are comfortable in their own skins and don’t want the run-of-the-mill boring, off the rack fashions.  Someone who WANTS to be SEEN!!!! 

As  newbie to the fashion world, Shannon believes that she can bring a fresh eye to the game/ “something big to the table.”  Inspiration comes from online, walks, dreams, you name it.  After seeing an ad for AFW 2013, she attended the show.  That was all it took for her to make the decision to get involved in AFM as a designer and volunteer.

In addition to the AFW Finale, she will be showing at The OSU Fashion Production Association 2014 Fashion Show: Incrementa in April 2014.

What current fashion trends do you wish would go away forever?  Crocs, or anything that looks like them.

If you could live in any fashion era, what would it be?  70’s hippie chic is my all time fave, great era for inspiration.

Who is your rock star/musician or artist muse?  Katy Perry!

What is your absolute go-to fashion accessory?  Statement necklaces, big and colorful.  I’ve been told I have a good neck for those lol.

What is your fav color combo?  What color would you like to see this spring?  various blues and pinks. Green!

Contact info for readers:  kellehsm08@hotmail.com

Olivier Peng Zhang: O.Z

Olivier Peng Zhang for O.Z. (his eponymous label, initials from his full name) hails from China and is completely self-taught…no art school or design education …but who would know? He has only had a name for his fashion line in the last few months…taking part in the AFW finale was the impetus to create a label…WOOT!

Zhang came to the U.S. to work on an mechanical engineering degree at OSU but fairly quickly found out his passion for fashion was really where his future lay.  He feels that fashion chose him rather than the other way around!


His clean and minimalistic design aesthetic is perfect for those who prefer simple but fun fashion that combines different materials and colors.


Those who want to look chic while buying one piece that goes with everything are gonna be wowed by his designs.


What inspires your creations?  My surroundings including colors and funny materials

Who is/are your fav designer(s)?  My favorite designers are Raf Simons and Phoebe Phillo.

Are your fashions available locally or online?  I will be selling my stuff soon on my partner’s website : www.fashionmomo.com

Are you inspired at all by your Asian culture?  Do any of your designs incorporate Chinese styles or is it mostly just inspired by simple lines?  Undeniably, Asian culture is a huge part of who I am but I never like to source my inspiration to a specific culture context. I love something that is more universal like shapes and colors.  There is something very tasteful and ravishing about a sharp clean line and that is where I want to explore with my collection.

What is your fashion nightmare…what fashion do you absolutely HATE?  I loathe anything that resembles something out of cheap costume shop. It also giving me physical pain when I see a design that is too cluttered and poorly executed. I don’t have anything against costumes but they should  be costumes, not every day clothing!

How long have you been designing?  Designing to me is a very personal experience it’s ready hard to put a time frame on it. It is something I have liked to do since I was a child. I guess what I am saying is that my creativity is always the safe place for me to go when I am feeling down. Fortunately, Fashion Mob gave me the opportunity to share my vision with the pubic. Although I just  showed 3 pieces to apply  to the show, I  felt so blessed to see  positive reactions to my designs.  I hope with my participation in AFW finale, more people can learn about my designs and help me launch a fashion line.

What is your fav piece of clothing to wear?  a  white T-shirt and denim jackets 😉  they are truly my closet staples .

Contact for readers: EMAIL: nathanzhang1991@gmail.com; FACEBOOK: PENG ZHANG  (https://www.facebook.com/nathan.zhang.100)






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