Bigger IS Better in Fashion

OMG—The AFW is SOLD-OUT!!!!  NO MORE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE SOOOOO….I am super psyched that I scored tickets a long while ago!  And on top of that, WCMH-Channel 4’s own Monica Day will be the emcee for the event!  I am so excited that I cut short my trip to Florida to make sure I was home in time for the evening.  Right now I am sitting in a somewhat seedy little motel in Jonesville NC and will make the rest of the trip to our fair city tomorrow.


Had to show one photo of the beach, of course!

I’ll write more about my trip, my reflections and the fun we had while away and lots of other things after tomorrow night but I wanted to make sure to share a final write up about the remaining designers who will be joining in this fashion extravaganza in Franklinton

Big hair, big fashion…what more could we ask for?  These lovely ladies will be providing both for the AFM’s finale for Alternative Fashion Week tomorrow night at Strongwater.  Make sure to come and check out their offerings!


Brianne Jeanette: Synthetic Rebellion

Brianne and Kaylen, Laura Dark Photography

Synthetic Rebellion was founded by Brianne Jeanette in 2010 and was initially a business that created various styles and structures of synthetic hair art.  Brianne and assistant Kaylen recently branched out into hair fashion just this year as a way to challenge themselves creatively.  Their primary purpose and specialty is styling avant-garde hair for photo shoots, events, and the runway.

MoxieInk Designs

 I started building hair structures for photo shoots when I was just starting out as a model in Columbus. I gained a reputation for them rather quickly, and soon after began styling hair and creating both wigs and structures for Laura Dark Studios. Kaylen got her cosmetology license in 2011 and has worked with hair ever since. 

Our general aesthetic is usually categorized as large and elaborate. We really focus on taking inanimate objects and making them come to life as wearable pieces of art made almost entirely out of synthetic hair. Since everything is entirely one-of-a-kind, we never duplicate what we’ve made before, and we always try and push our own limits and boundaries. 



Laura Dark PhotographyClients are mostly performers, models, photographers, and even other designers. Eventually, they would love to eventually span out and create signature hair pieces and outfits for drag queens, and theater productions.      

They’ve already  been published internationally and nationally in over 30 magazines, and have been featured on 10TV News for their Female Spotlight!     

treeLaura Dark Photography

These lovelies had so much fun participating in AFW last year as hair sculptures for Aaron James of Ruby Hill Designs. So much so they decided to try creating their own collection. Columbus has been such a wealth of support that it’s really bolstered the Rebellion’s confidence. Seemed the only sensible thing to do was to submit themselves for the finale and see if they accepted… And they did! 

Alternative Fashion Week is HUGE for us! We’re spending all of the time we have outside of the studio to work on our collection. We have a small collection that is going to grace the stage for Drauma, courtesy of Label Yourself’s designs, but other than that, we’re at full focus for AFW.


What fuels your passion?  A challenge! We get so much energy and passion from just trying to figure out how something could be done, and then once it is, we’re just elated. It’s that feeling, and the entire process that totally keeps us inspired for the next project- And for what we do!

How can someone get one of your lovely creations?  You can book us to create pieces for a project that is totally unique and just for you. We don’t build without a project to build for! If you’re interested in having us get involved with your project, or total look, just shoot us a message! We construct pieces behind the scenes, and then we show up on set to install the piece! All of the work for our clients is just in the development of what they want the hair to look like. We can also be booked to style hair for shoots, events, etc. Again, all you have to do is message us!


Bird, Model Brianne JeanetteLaura Dark Photography

Describe your creative process.  Everything we do has been self-taught, so a lot of our creative process begins with some massive head scratching. Hair can be easily turned into a useful textile if you just think outside the box. We hope to prove that during AFW!

What sets you apart from other designers?  Creating clothing out of hair has certainly been done before, but we hope to take it to the next level. Not only do we have our clothing collection though, we also have enormous hair structures that will accompany each piece, making it as awe-inspiring as possible.

Contact info for readers:

 Brandee Bailous:  House of Baboski,


3 The Hard Way Media, Photography

Meet Columbus native Brandee Bailous of the House of Baboski, (previously Baboski Fashions but changed in 2004 when she began creating gowns and high fashion) who be joining the AFW for the first time this year.  Her granny was the impetus for her dive into fashion, teaching her at a young age how to sew and use patterns.  The fashionista bloomed from there with Brandee a one year stint at Centenary College in NJ for fashion design and merchandising followed by training at the Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology.

Creativity is a way of life for her 24/7, hearing colors and seeing patterns and letting them flow out onto her mannequin…she very seldom sketches!

 Specializing in plus size clothing, Brandee has found her niche creating designs for confident, willing-to-take-a-risk kinda people…everyday folks who want some pizzazz in their look. Inspired by nature and music, she believes that natural designs flow and calm her clientele. Although she is designing mostly for women she does also create menswear.



Suitable Photography

Selling her clothing at Royal Factory, a boutique in the Short North is how she got connected to the AFM gang.  As she puts it: I felt that this was a great opportunity to give designers and models a shot who aren’t considered mainstream. It gives us “crazy/weird” designers and models a platform to showcase our talents.

Suitable Photography

Last year this talented lady won 2013 POSED Fashion Awards Best Plus Size Designer and Best Plus Size Runway Model!!  You go girl!!!!  And, in addition to AFW Finale in April, she will be showing her fashions at the Great Lakes Fashion Showcase in Cleveland, The Full Figured Fashion Weekend in Cincy  and then in June will be participating in the RAW Artist event. This is one busy fashionista!!!


What sets you apart from other designers?  I am hands on. I do hair, make up, styling and I am a model, so I also do runway coaching. I sew 100% of my designs with no team and no assistant.

 What is your fav piece of clothing to wear?  My favorite piece of clothing surprisingly is a pair a sweat pants or lounge pants. I like to be comfortable. Lol. Sometimes I dress like a hobo, but when I clean up I get red carpet ready.

If you could pick a rock/punk/rap/blues star for a muse who would that be?  I would pick Prince. I feel he is a mix of all those genres. His style of hair. Music and clothing is timeless that’s why his career is so long lived.

 What fashion would you not be caught dead in??  In not really sure what I wouldn’t be caught dead in. I’m a risk taker when it comes to fashion. I like to mix textures, patterns, prints and especially decades.

Contact info for readers:

ig: baboski0499
twitter: baboski04_99


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