Catching Up!

OK…I am trying to get back into the swing of things after two weeks in Florida.  We had a great time and got to explore so many new places plus go to the beach.  I got to prove what a total klutz I am too by trying to use an older treadmill that requires some type of agility to get started.  Ron wished he had recorded my attempt because I looked like something on America’s Funniest Home Videos.  However, it didn’t feel very funny as you can see from this pic!


Not doing that again!!! LOL!

But I sort of digress…first, I wanted to talk about the Sunday before I left to go South.  I had the opportunity to be part of the group photo of The Art and Artists of 614 at the Main Library and see the exhibit curated by Stephanie Rond (she is on my list of soon-to-be-featured artists!).  Later that day, I made another trip downtown to Rehab Tavern in Franklinton to meet with some of the members of Cap City Creatives.  As always, I am in awestruck by the sheer number of creative, artistic folks in our Cow Town!  I LOVE it!!!  It was a beautifully warm day and I was fortunate to meet many people that day, including Gavin Bruce who will be featured later this week right here on my blog!

Some of the artists of 614

Some of the artists of 614


Some of the gorgeous works of art in the Women of Color exhibition at the library's Carnegie Gallery

Some of the gorgeous works of art in the Women of Color exhibition at the library’s Carnegie Gallery

The next day I left for Florida but didn’t leave creativity or Ohio behind.  Matter of fact, on one of our adventures we met an artist in New Smyrna Beach who was from Cincy!!  He paints the coolest portrayals of animals, mainly cats.  Of course, I fell in love with his work having 4 kitties of my own!  It certainly is a small world.

Florida was a wonderful break and the AFW Finale was an amazing welcome home… but now I have to get myself in gear because I have soooooo many artists to write about!  My next feature will be about Adam Brouillette of Tacocat.  He and I have spoken about my interviewing all of the Tacocat‘s studio artists in the next few months as they get ready to celebrate their one year anniversary…WOOT! I’m super psyched so make sure you check my blog to learn more each month.

I am also going to be featuring the following:

Gavin Bruce, sculptor

Ric Stewart, sculptor

Stephanie Rond, street artist, owner of S. Dot Gallery and curator extraordinaire

Derek Stewart, painter, artist

Meghan Mosholder, 3D artist and more

Lisa McLymont, painter, metal/jewelry artist and Tacocat member

And that’s just a few of the talented folks that I plan on spotlighting along with keeping you up-to-date on previously featured artisans/artists, The Alternative Fashion Mob and their events, and, because May is National Scrapbooking Month, my own paper creations!

I hope that you will stop by frequently to learn more about our ‘happening’ city and the great artists that live and create here!

Oh, and one more beachy photo!!!


New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach


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