Summer is Flyin’ By!


Rachel and Me in New Smyrna

OK, I’ve been a slacker in the last month…not writing much and not getting interviews finished and posted but I have been busy!  I spent 11 days in Florida, 5 of which were with my dear friend Rachel.  While she was there, we had beach time, great food, lots of conversation, movie watching and we got this awesome paint job done to the porch.  Thanks Rach for your creativity!!  20140614_15471320140615_183833

After she flew back to Columbus, I painted one of the bathrooms and began to paint my studio, mulched, painted the floor on the porch, went to the beach and watched lots of movies!  Whew!!!  All of this with a messed up shoulder:(

Since then, I have been busily working around my house mulching, cleaning and enjoying the glorious weather we had for the July 4th holiday.  My honey was here for 10 days and we had lots of fun eating out, playing put-put golf, relaxing on the deck (another major job I finished this summer…woot!), going to the Doo-Dah Parade (hilarious), Westerville fireworks (awesome!), shopping and hitting the July Short North Gallery Hop (ate at Press Grill for the first time!).  All of this, with a still messed up shoulder!!! Yikes!

DooDah Parade...Godzilla

DooDah Parade…Godzilla


Me and Ronaldo

20140704_222507Sad to say, he left to go back home today but happy to say that I will be getting my groove back on to feature things happening with the art community and getting more interviews completed!!!CIF open house

During this down time for writing, I did go to some pretty awesome events that featured Columbus and Central Ohio artists.  First, I went to the Columbus Idea Foundry’s Open House.  I am in awe of what they have created and have planned for their new abode.  I toured the facility that used to be an old warehouse in Franklinton and got to meet some of the artists who will have studios there, ran into Casey McCarty, Chief Operating Officer,  and Ric Stewart and Walter Herrmann, who will be sharing a studio there. They are also in the process of creating a foundry in an attached building where Ric, Gavin Bruce (previously featured) and many others can create metal sculptures, pour bronze, etc.  They also hope to have a patio and gardens on the roof and are still working on some pretty neat plans for the second floor (I’ll let you know when those come to fruition!!!)  As always, they will be teaching lots of classes, doing the Mini-Maker Faire and all kinds of other creative things.  I plan on interviewing Casey very soon and featuring more of what they will be doing as time goes on so stay tuned!

Their newest class is tomorrow night:

Learn to create vectors for the laser/ShopBot in the opensource program Inkscape tomorrow night! For example, use it to create Alex heads for fun and profit!

Registration closes at noon tomorrow, sign up here.


Raw June 24On June 24th, I had the honor of attending my first RAW show courtesy of Showcase Director, Dayna Melton (featured a little over a month ago!).  This show was called RAW: Revolution and took place at their new digs in the Brewery District at Shadowbox Live.  First,let me say that the venue is AWESOME!  I had not been to the new digs for Shadowbox and it is gorgeous.  The old building is amazing and whole place, including the Backstage Bistro, is just divine.

20140624_20095620140624_20241120140624_210018  I was thrilled to finally get to meet artist, Adam Kiger who I featured last year, Dayna who is a powerhouse in a tiny package and just adorable, and Bobbi  Jo Gonzalez, make-up artist (and to be featured soon!) and her cohort in crime/owner of Scaretorium, Neena Collins (another soon-to-be featured!)  On top of that, I got to meet a slew of artists, give out my cards for future interviews and enjoy talented local musicians, dancers and fashion.  This is a show that you definitely want to go to to schmooze with the up and coming and have an all around fun evening!

The next show, RAW: Allure is August 19th so don’t miss out!



Well, that’s it for this post!  Stop back in a couple of days for updates on happenings this weekend and an interview with Julie Macala and next week an interview with Brian Williams!!!




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