Eclectic=Pamela Ashton!

pamelaI learned about Pamela Ashton‘s art when she applied for the Falling for Local: An Ohio Artisan Market at Franklin Park Conservatory last fall.  I loved her design aesthetic and the her eclectic style, some comic, some cubist, some landscape.  Love that you never know what to expect from her next!
Her background is in child development but having raised 6 kids and toying with the notion of starting a daycare business, she opted to head in another direction…art!  This has really been her passion since the age of 8 and now that her children are adults, she can focus on creating.
Eventually she would like to turn her basement into a studio but for now she creates in her room…sleeping may be difficult when you have the creative urge, huh?  Obviously, it’s working for her cause she has painted some amazing pieces!!!
She has delved into different art themes… comic, landscape, cubist, and some portraits. Before she starts a piece she always researches, other artists past and present with her newest theme being African American Art. Other artists inspire me. When ever I need inspiration, I do research on the artist and their work. I like get into their mind to see what makes them tick. I always look for what inspires them, whether it be political, social, economical, or environmental.

Cupcake Dreams

Cupcake Dreams

Recently, she has begun to  work in mixed media incorporating washers(medal circles that helps keep a screw in place) into a couple of pieces. Her creation “Cupcake Dreams” incorporated actual candy sprinkles onto the cupcakes and  “Whispering Sweet Nothings” used peppermints and candy sprinkles.
Getting into comics was a no-brainer since:
My thirteen year old son is a comic book buff. He asked me one day to paint wolverine for his room. This was a couple of years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since with my older sons. Any time I need some inspiration, information or ideas on what character to paint, my thirteen year old is who I go to.
Pamela feels very humbled by the response she has received to her art although she tends to not think too highly of her art…wow!  Her perfectionistic tendencies sorta get in the way of accepting praise.  Something I think she might want to work on because her work is amazing!  What do you think?
The Kiss

The Kiss

Not only does she create but she also collects others’ art…throughout her house, you’ll find photography, abstracts, portraits, flowers, skylines…anything that is clean with lots of detail.
Every month she displays her art at 83 Gallery South located at 476 South Front Street. She also has work at
Tri-State Artisans located in Batesville Indiana and periodically shows at another gallery in Indianapolis called 3040 Indie Gallery. Matter of fact, she is super excited about an upcoming event on April 18 at this venue.  The Super Heroes Show will be featuring nearly two dozen local, regional and international artists with Pamela being the sole representative from Columbus, showing 15-18 pieces.  Out of these, 12 will be collaborative efforts with 2 of her sons, Shakeel Faison and Terron Shuford (amazing artists in their own right…she’s a proud momma!)  Her sons have very different styles but she loves working with both of them. Working with other artists collaboratively is something she relishes.  She would love to begin doing more of this with other artists as well as with her sons.
WONDER WOMAN Artists: Pamela Ashton and Terron Shuford

Artists: Pamela Ashton and Terron Shuford

MISS MARVEL  Artists: Pamela Ashton and Shakeel Faison

Artists: Pamela Ashton and Shakeel Faison

VENOM THE SHAPESHIFTER  Artists: Pamela Ashton and Shakeel Faison.

Artists: Pamela Ashton and Shakeel Faison.

In addition to her desire to collaborate with others, she would like to show in more areas of the country.  She chose to pursue showing in Indy to increase her exposure but would also like to exhibit in New York and her home state of North Carolina.  Online presence is something she has already used to her advantage having won first place several years ago with her skull series (A Beautiful Death) in a Halloween contest.
 pamela 4
 Footnote to article:  Since Pam’s interview, she sustained burns from a grease fire in her home and was hospitalized.  She is home recovering now but please keep her in thoughts and prayers…we want to see this lady make a full recovery so she can continue to create!!!pamela 5
Contact info for readers:
twitter @PamelaAshton1
Instagram PamelaAshtonArt.pamela 3


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