Larry Doyle: Multifaceted Artist and Tacocat Member

larryAs promised, I am continuing to interview the artists of TACOCAT Cooperative as it celebrates it’s one year anniversary.  I have already featured Christopher Burk, Lisa McLymont, Adam Brouilette and now it is Larry Doyle‘s turn!

I first saw Larry’s work during an open studio event at TACOCAT but eventually met him when the co-op celebrated their first year.  Last Friday, I went to the studio with my girl doggie, Aroon and we had a face-to face with him to learn more about him, his art, his band and the co-op.

Larry is a Columbus native having grown up in Hilliard where he took high school art classes from Dan Gerdeman…”an amazing artist and on of my favorite people.  During his brief and unsuccessful college career, Larry took a few art classes.  His only ‘training’ has been from learning from the artists he is surrounded by.  He states that the year at the co-op has afforded him the ability to watch, listen and grow from  the artists sharing space there.  Besides that, it is a social outlet and lots of fun!20140926_134836
Initially, he created his work at Junctionview Studios but when the Grandview Yard project began, Junctionview closed it’s doors and the builiding was demolished for a parking lot (yikes!)  Fortunately for Larry and the other artists who share the space at TACOCAT, Adam B. and others found their current location after much negotiation with the developers NRI. They asked Larry to move with them…Larry said it was pretty much of a no brainer as he loves the chemistry of the members, what they are creating and the way in which they inspire him.

creating at his studio

creating at his studio

Compton Construction (one of the sponsors of the co-op and building) helped the members turn the space into what it is today. It took them a month or so to get set up and funded with the company’s help and is still a work in progress.  Once a month, the members have a potluck to discuss their budget, talk about shows, build family spirit and just generally enjoy each other’s company.  Initially, they were doing a new show every month but now they have moved to a bi-monthly schedule with each member being responsible for curating at some point in time.  Overall, the new set up has been beneficial to him in many ways.
Now on to Larry’s art!!
His art work has been described as ethereal, abstract and illustrative.  However, most comments deal with his color palate…his tendency to use teal tones mixed with blues (love, love love!!!)  Therefore, his subjects are conveyed through the ‘mood of the color’.  Inspiration comes from a few sources.  Music is a primary inspiration  ‘I usually always have a song stuck in my head. I like to take apart lyrics of songs and spin them as my own by making them visual.’  As cliche as it may sound to others, he also says that he is inspired by the people in his life.  Art helps him work through his anxieties so he relies on it like therapy.  Making visual images of the things he does and how he feels, is a normal part of his creative process.
I asked when he chose art as a way of life and he shares:
I’m not sure when I chose art…I’ve always drawn and doodled. One of the moments I knew it would be great to sell art was at my first Agora. I was walking by a few ladies looking at the pieces and I started talking to them and convinced them that the artist was great. I’m not sure who they were or if they ever found out I was full of shit… haha!!
In addition to his art, he works part time as a manager, waiter, bartender, whatever at the Wine Bistro in Clintonville. He loves it because Its a super laid back and the hours work well with his creating schedule.  But visual art is not his only creative outlet! He is also a guitarist in a band called The Weight of Whales.  Recently, they have been on a hiatus due to a band member’s surgery and losing their practice space at Junctionview.  (you can check them out here:
He said that he has been in somewhat of a creative slump lately in part because of not having the musical outlet because: music fuels art and art fuels music in his life.  Let’s hope they find their way back to the stage cause Columbus misses them and we want Larry to get his art groove back on!larry with band
When asked about techniques that are critical to his work, he says:
One of the most important techniques is the finishing process. I always make sure to have the frame finished, the glass clean and the piece as ready as I can. I feel that if I am going to spend hours on a drawing, I’m not going to put it in a scratched and warped frame. It ruins the piece. It kills me when artists frame their work in thrift store frames!!!
I find that I have to be in the right mood. Although I use art as therapy, I need to make sure I am prepared to create. Sleep helps!!!larry at urban scrawl

larry at us again

Urban Scrawl 8

Larry has done Urban Scrawl and he did it again this year because “its always a blast!”  He enjoys seeing so many good friends and artists that hang out and make great art.  This year he had no concrete idea about what he would create except that he  wanted to do bearded dudes with crowns but when close to finishing, changed his mind “to make them with hearts and be in love!” And this year he also did Chalk the Block 3 making a delightful  cat themed piece with Tacocat member Jen Wrubles.  20140927_165151
Aside from selling out of his TACOCAT studio when the co-op has events or doing a month long solo exhibition, his work is available through his website ( ).  He is also beginning the process of making prints of his works and hope to have those images available in the near future.

This year ‘has been nuts’ with solo shows. In January, he showed work at Cafe Brioso on Gay Street downtown.  Then in the spring there were two other  shows: at Mouton and then 3 weeks later at Stone Village Church . Each of these shows  has emphasized a  common theme or  a certain cohesion and language with the pieces. For Cafe Brioso it was  saints, for Mouton he made new characters with the theme of  New Worlds and  Stone Village focused on relationships.  Although he states that  It was a little stressful making 3 new bodies of work, he decided that it was best for his career. This fall he is also going to have his work at the Luck Brothers Coffee House in Grandview (end of October) and he designed a flier for the Witches and Brews on October 25 at Hot Heads heads by Larry

And in addition, he is excited that some of his works have been shown in NYC recently.  This came about when a patron approached him about representing him in NYC and the Hamptons.  Although he hasn’t sold anything yet, he’s pleased to have the exposure.

He wasn’t kidding when he said this has been a successful year for him with his visual art!  I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to interview this talented young man…hope I get to see him in his band soon and want to save up my pennies to add one of his teal creations to my collection.  I think his star is rising!!!


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