DeDe Parker Certainly Does Snap!

dedeThere are so many talented photographers in this city and photography has been a passion of mine forever so I am always pleased to learn more about these artists and their process.  Previously, I interviewed photographer Jim Parker and, in the process, found out his wife, DeDe Parker, is also a creative soul.  So why not interview her?
DeDe Snaps is the name of the website she created in September 2012
(  When she first started shooting, she had a little Fuji point-and-shoot but when hubby upgraded his camera, he passed on his Canon Rebel T3i and she began to get serious!
Tona Pearson

Tona Pearson

Although she doesn’t have any ‘official’ training in photography, she has learned a lot through experimentation.  She states that everything she has learned was because she wanted a certain effect, didn’t know how to do it and played around till she got what she wanted.
Over the last year, she has become obsessed with portraits, capturing people at their most authentic.  Eventually, she may move on to something else but right now, she’s pretty happy with what she’s doing.  She enjoys looking at things in a different way.
Photography isn’t an easy art form to get right, there are so many people out there shooting flowers, mountains, sunsets, models.  Anyone can do that; the challenge is to shoot something to make people think about it differently, to make them say “Wow”.  I get the best results without using a lot of effects.
A lot of the  feedback that I get is comments like “How did you do that?”  or ‘what filter did you use?”, but the most effective shots that get the best feedback are the ones that have little or no editing.



Working from home doing technical support for a major technology company, she doesn’t really consider herself to be very creative but I think those that know her would disagree. Every once in awhile, she is inspired about a project and it may take forever to get it shot due to her battles with fibromyalgia.  That means she doesn’t shoot very often or have tons of models but when she has the ability to create, she encourages her subjects to contribute to how they want to be portrayed.  Requesting that they bring different clothes, props and ideas with them for the shoot so that she can build open those.

Brian Hyrne

Brian Hyrne

Originally, from rural McConnellsville in Southeastern Ohio, DeDe grew up on about 10 acres of farmland about 30 miles from Zanesville.  where she spent LOTS of time exploring nature: watching insects, climbing trees, playing in streams and, just generally enjoying mother Nature.  Her 8th grade class only had 10 kids…the epitome of small town/rural living!  “I remember watching storms rolling in and was always outside to watch the sunset.  I studied astronomy and would always make sure that the planets and constellations were where they were supposed to be.”  From childhood, photography was a passion.  Even though her family was poor, she was always able to get her mom to buy and process film for her (going to the pharmacy to pick up her photos was her second favorite thing…going to the library was first!)
Roman of Roman and Jennifer

Roman of Roman and Jennifer

When I first started shooting seriously a couple of years ago, I had no interest in working with people. After all, bugs and sunsets don’t care if you need to reschedule.  It didn’t take long for for me to realize that I could get much better work from people-but I didn’t want typical models or fashion shoots.  I didn’t want to do standard portraits.  I wanted to capture something specific to them to learn their stories and shoot that one moment of authentic feeling.  I have no interest in typical selfie-style posed smiles; you can see those anywhere.  My most popular series, My Favorite Things, was born out of desire to take a nude  and make it completely non-erotic, but still make the shot entirely about that person and their story.  Each of the eight models posed with their favorite toy from when they were a child. I’ve received so much great feedback on them.  You can see them in my Wix website and on Facebook.
My Favorite Things Aeryn with Voltron

My Favorite Things
Aeryn with Voltron

Although she doesn’t paint or draw, she does like to refinish wooden furniture when possible. Other than editing photos, one of her favorite things to do is stripping, sanding and staining a chair or table to bring it back to life.  Currently, she has several busted chairs in the garage waiting for some TLC.  She’s also a voracious reader and usually reads two or three books a week because it’s something she can enjoy no matter what her fibromyalgia is up to…reading is one way she can interact with the outside world, when she can’t physically do it.  Having fibro myself, I SOOOO understand!  Plus “You can go anywhere in a book; to other planets, other times, inside the human soul and learn about yourself in the process”.

ded Christine

Christine Guillot Ryan

 Although DeDe doesn’t shoot often, her work is truly like looking into the soul of her subjects and for that reason, I am sure that we all wish that she shot more often!  Hopefully, that will happen in the coming years.
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