Looking Forward to a Happy Artful 2015!!!

ded Christine

Christine Guillot Ryan Photo courtesy of DeDe Parker

As I sit in a McDonald’s in Florida writing this (don’t ask! LOL), 2014 is coming to an end.  I wanted to say thanks to all of the wonderful artists that I have had the privilege and pleasure to interview during the year:

Brian Hyrne, Larry Doyle, Ashley Pierce, Andrew Lundberg, AJ Vanderelli, Tracy Leinbaugh, Stephanie Rond, Christine Guillot Ryan, Brian Williams, Lisa Horkin, Pamela Ashton, DeDe Parker, Jill Latas, Jayne and Isaac Barnes, Carrie Turner, Lisa McLymont, Julie Macala, Tina Carnes Kelsey,  Deborah Wright and Deanne Arnold, Gavin Bruce, Joy Selby Cain,Derek Stewart,  Celeste Malvar-Stewart, The Alternative Fashion Mob, Bobbi Jo Gonzalez, Randi Channel, W. Ralph Walters, Christopher Burk,Dayna Melton, Donna McCarty Estep, Tona Pearson, Amy Leibrand and Jim Parker….whew!!!  I hope I didn’t forget anyone!!!!

aj at urban

AJ Vanderelli

I have learned so much, had the opportunity to become friends with some of these talented people and had fun in the process!  My blog keeps evolving to not only feature artists but also to promote their events and shows, local galleries and class offerings. I am always open for suggestions on how to improve or add to this!

Brian Hyrne

Brian Hyrne


Bobbi Jo Gonzalez


Ashley Pierce

In addition, I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to join CAW (Creative Arts of Women) and participate in their most recent show at Tacocat…Woman As_____________ (my first showing of my art! WOOT!)

Brian with his Roomie, Jasper

Brian with his Roomie, Jasper

2015 certainly holds lots more chances to meet creative people, attend local events and promote away.  I already have several artists on tap for interviews and hope that all of you will continue to contact me with area happenings.  I also encourage anyone to contact me if you are interested in being featured!!!

Thanks to all of you who made this blog a reality and for your patience during the interview process.

picture by Tony Bentivegna

The Alternative Fashion Mob picture by Tony Bentivegna


Gavin Bruce

I cannot say enough about the art community in and around Columbus…YOU ALL ROCK!  Make it an artful 2015 and stay tuned for more from me both here on the CAW blog (yep, I’m lucky enough to have beome a writer for this group, too!)




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