The Art Starts Tomorrow!

Well, only a few more days in Florida and although I miss my critters and friends, I am NOT looking forward to coming back to cold weather, snow, work, bleh!  I know, I know…none of you have sympathy for me but thought I’d put it out there anyway!  hehe!

I will miss out once again on the happenings this weekend but wanted to let you all know about what events I have heard about.

Ross Art Museum


Thursday January 15th

4-6 p.m.


Artist Larry Cressman and selections from the Permanent Collection will be on view! Free to all; refreshments both liquid and solid, awesome live jazz, and a chance to speak to Larry himself!


And, I am really sorry to miss this cause it sounds like a blast!

The Vanderelli Room

It’s Saturday Morning Somewhere

Saturday January 17th

7 p.m.Vanderelli


When is the last time you could attend a juried art show in your footie pajamas, rocking out to cartoon theme songs while having breakfast after 7pm? Well it’s been too long! Revisit your childhood at the Vanderelli Room on January 17th…

Artistic interpretations of Saturday morning cartoons and the cereals engulfed during them.

And then head over to….

Wall Street Night Club

The Year of the Phoenix

Saturday January 17th

8-10 p.m.

year of phoenix

The You Will Rise Project is partnering with drag queen entertainer Vivian Von Brokenhymen and Wall Street Nightclub to present an exciting evening of entertainment featuring a diverse lineup of performers! The benefit will support the work of You Will Rise, an organization that empowers those who have experienced bullying to speak out through the arts.

Hosted by
Vivian Von Brokenyhem

With special guests:
Big Dipper
Kelly Mantle from RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 6

And featuring performances by:
The Amazing Giants
Britney Blaire
Bettie Monroe
Betty Cracker
Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus
Devon Ayers
Deva Station
Hellin Bedd
Mr. Pottymouth
Open Heart Creatures
Parisa 3
The You Will Rise Guys



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