April=Fashion, Art, Wild Women and Laughs!

So much has happened in the last 6 weeks and I have just not had the time to write about it!  I have had the opportunity to take 2 workshops– one on mixed media with Christine Guillot Ryan and one on 3D embroidery with the amazingly talented and soon-to-be featured, Larissa Boiwka of Wilde Hunt Corsetry.  In addition to those educational and entertaining events, I have attended and volunteered at a few events during then Alternative Fashion Week, taken in some art show openings, met some new artistic folks and caught up with some previously featured artists and celebrated a couple of graduations!  WHEW!!!20150307_124903

Now that I have some time to write about what I’ve been up to, I’m gonna do just that and show you LOTS of pictures of the talent that exists right here in our capitol.  If you check out my “In the Studio with Vicki” page, you will be able to read about my experience with Christine’s workshop so I won’t repeat that info here.  I will, however, tell you that it was AWESOME-SAUCE!  I am so very glad that I took this as it has had a huge impact on my own creations, especially for the upcoming CAW show, Remnants-–come check my art and other CAW members’ creations at our opening reception on May 30th at the Urban Arts Space (downtown in what used to be the basement of the downtown Lazarus store…my how times have changed!)  And while at McConnell Arts Center, I also had the chance to check out the B.R.A.V.E. exhibit and Kellie McDermott’s exhibit.  Here are some pics of Kellie’s incredible encaustic works.

20150308_145349 20150308_145357

The month of April started off with attending Michael Bush‘s show at The Vanderelli Room, The Road Won’t Love You, and Rob Jones‘ show at Tacocat: “Anyone, Everyone, No One: Portraits and Painted Blues”

Michael Bush

Michael Bush Works

masks by Rob Jones

masks by Rob Jones

In the middle of the month, I headed to Franklinton to check out Joshua James Stewart‘s show at 400 West Rich and fell in love!  I Just love his playful works and ended up purchasing one of his prints (Buddies—crocs and fish) plus got him to agree to an interview…yippeee!

joshua art

my print is 2nd from right!

The last week April was mostly devoted to Alternative Fashion Week but I managed to fit in some other fun things!

I attended 3 events during the Alternative Fashion Week.  The Little Black Dress Brunch was great fun at the Chintz Room.  I sat with the lovely Rachel Murdock and Amee BellWanzo (mobsters), Amee’s sis and her adorable baby, Lola and Rachel’s soon to be Mom-in-law, Jackie Davis.  We had a delicious brunch, tantalizing drinks and got to see several local and not-so-local, designers’ take on the little black dress. Check them out:

The Mobsters plus friends

The Mobsters plus friends

little dress

photo courtesy of Tony Bentivegna

Then on Wednesday of that week, I volunteered for the Resconstruct Your Luck at the Fabric Resource Center for AFM.  This event pits teams of designer wannabes against each other using all types of materials donated to the AFM. The audience then votes for the best design of the evening.  It also features several local designers’ fashions that include upcycled materials in a short fashion show.  Designer Crys Darling was emcee as well as cheerleader for the teams. Everyone involved had a blast and the resulting fashions were quite creative…here’s just a few…20150422_202548

I then took a break from the AFM week for another couple of fun events. I ate lunch for the first time at the Crest Gastropub..finally!  Met my buddy, Buzz and made a new friend, Austin Willman, my server!

The beet salad...yum!

The beet salad…yum!


Buzz and Austin

That Friday evening, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the very first Professional 614 Crafters’ Exchange at Chelsey Hill‘s(creator of the Not Your Mama’s Craft Shows) home in Marion Village where a group of around 20 wild women who have previously vended at the shows.  Each participant made 20 of the same item to exchange with the others and then the fun began!  Read more about this great evening connecting, sharing and laughing at Chelsey’s blog (http://prettypoorliving.com/2015/04/27/1st-professional-craft-exchange/).  Here are the wild women being wild and some pics of the loot we all got to take home.

Our hostesses with the mostesses, Chelsey and Carrie

Our hostesses with the mostesses, Chelsey and Carrie

Chelsey is second from left on the couch

Chelsey is second from left on the couch

not your mama's



The next day, I continued the fun with another group of ladies learning how 3D embroidery taught by Larissa Boiwka.  This woman is such a talented seamstress!!!  I am getting very excited about featuring her interview especially with the news she shared with us that Saturday (teaser; you have to read the article to find out!!!  Hopefully, in the next week! So check back here!)  Several ladies traveled some distance to take this workshop and I must say I was totally impressed with what we learned.  I’ve been embroidering since I was in high school but I learned some new things…yay!  Larissa is a great teacher, too and I am anxious to finish up what we started that day.  I will also be writing a more detailed article about the workshop in the near future.  Here is what we learned to create…20150425_102817

OK…from there I headed to the Alternative Fashion Week’s Finale.  A fashion show that knocked the socks off everyone attending (around 300 people!) and showed what talented designers we have right here in our midst…yes, Columbus IS rated #3 in line up of fashion capitols behind NYC and LA!  WOOT!  Once again, I volunteered but I also got to have a great seat for the show.  I would love to show you all of the fashions here but that would make this post MILES long!  I’ll just tease you with a few and give you the link so you can see the rest! (https://www.facebook.com/alternativefashionweek?fref=ts or

http://www.alternativefashionmob.org/ for more pics and info)

20150425_22061820150425_22440120150425_222238I was pooped by that evening but I can’t even imagine how tired the AFM members must’ve been after putting on all of the events that week and the finale that weekend!!!  Once again, it was an incredible show and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to help out and attend!20150426_154045 20150426_154053

The weekend ended with a much more relaxing (heaven knows these old bones needed it!) get together of the 614 Facebook group at a mixer held outside The Vanderellli Room.  I got to meet some new-to-me 614 members, connected names and faces and ate some scrumptious food.  OK, now, do you think that May can top all of that?  I already think it will…you’ll have to come back and read my updates and interviews in the coming weeks!


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