Memorial Day Weekend Starts Thursday

A few things going on this holiday weekend with the first being a chance to support local artist and musician, Deane Arnold and friends as their Kickstarter campaign has only a few days left!  Donate to this campaign and help these local musicians get their music out to YOU!

Metal Man Kickstarter

Ends June 1 2015

metal man

Deane Arnold and his friends have  done everything they can so far, but now they need to bring in the Pros from Dover*, as it were, to bring it to a bigger audience. They need you to be part of this, so they can pay for the mixing sessions, the mastering, and then the final manufacturing so everyone gets a copy. They’d also like to pay the guest musicians who volunteered to record various parts over the last year. If the group can raise enough over their initial goal, they’ll be able to bring in additional musicians to help them perform a full scale CD release concert when the time comes.

Metal Man ranges from a hissing whisper to a thundercrack. The group needs you to help us finish it. They are independent musicians who want to share their music with as many friends as they can…have no record label or corporate backing; this project is a partnership between the musicians and the people who want to hear the music.

About Kickstarter: if the group doesn’t make the goal in 30 days, they  don’t get any money and no one who pledged has to pay any money. It’s an all or nothing deal. Pledge early! Pledge often… deadline is 6:45 PM Eastern Time, June 1, 2015.

And we all could use some help in building our brand so here’s a chance for FREE!!!

Business of Art: How to Build a Brand

Wild Goose Creative

Thursday May 21st

6:30- 8:30 p.m.

build a brand

Brand recognition is key in all forms of art. Hear from a series of successful entrepreneurs whose brands have helped them to succeed in their personal artforms.
Moderated by Jim Coe, WCBE.
Carl Acampado, Rogue Bakery
Searius Addishin, The Nine-Tenths Group
Nick Dekker, Breakfast with Nick
William Faust, Ologie
Amy Schmittauer, Savvy Sexy Social
A career in the arts can be sustainable with the right base knowledge. Join a free monthly panel discussion series designed to encourage art-centric entrepreneurship and provide a place for creative network building. This Business of Art Series is a discussion series held at Wild Goose Creative on every 3rd Thursday of the month. The events run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., with the discussions beginning promptly at 6:40 and networking starting at 7:40.
Lucky’s Market Columbus is our event’s generous food sponsor.

The Christians

Available Light Theatre

Starts May 21st 

8:00 p.m.

the christians


Directed by Acacia Duncan
May 21 — June 6
Riffe Center Studio One
77 South High St.

Pay What You Want tickets will be available at the door


One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend Starts Thursday

  1. Thanks for the mention, Vicki! Currently Metal Man is 67% funded. We are SO CLOSE. The video says it all. I can’t wait to have this music.

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