Emerging Artist Series: Brie Mullins, High School Student Extraordinaire


I fell in love with this young lady’s work the first time Brie Mullins post her ‘doodles during study hall’ photos on the FB page of the Art and Artists of 614 and have been enthralled with her take on art and her phenomenal talent!  Even though she is ‘only’ in high school, her work is unbelieveable!! And, wise beyond her years and an old soul are only a few of the words I could use to describe her. Sooo,  I asked her to take some time to do an interview and she graciously accepted.

IMG_20150221_214606_007 (1)

Currently, she is enrolled as a junior at West Jeff High School but has taken some summer classes at CCAD in comic book design and drawing.  That was several years ago and, not meaning to toot her own horn, she feels that taking any more classes offered for her age group really wouldn’t provide her with much as she feels that she has moved beyond their scope.

Last summer, she participated in Summer Jam at Westgate and was quite successful selling her work.  With that under her belt, she has been selling her art and doing commission work.   During this school year, she’s been keeping up with creating more art, maintaining the 6 instruments ( yes, I said 6!) she plays, completing academic work along with the necessary steps to become an exchange to student to Spain this coming school year. Not surprisingly, she was accepted and will be leaving for a year in Spain at the end of August (I leave at the end of August and will be gone for a year so don’t forget about me in Ohio, okay?…like we could, right?)


She also entered the Governor’s Art show and got two pieces into the Top 275 with one of the pieces (Cupid’s Mistake), bought by Thad Ricker to be put on permanent display at the Ohio Department of Education  building. Whoa!!!  She’s  also been featured at the newly opened  Pies & Pints in the Short North during May and  has been chosen  to be featured again in August. BUT before all of that happened, back in middle school, she won the honor of a work of her art being featured in her school’s library until she  graduated from eighth grade. AND, she’s received honor recognition her  whole school career ( practically all A’s) with the additional recognition of Gifted in Art by the state of Ohio while in elementary school. Let me ask you, what had YOU accomplished by the time you were a junior in high school?  I sure know that I wasn’t mature enough to accomplish all of this by that tender age!!!

But wait, that’s not all this young lady did this year…she was the saxophone section leader and received a superior rating at Contest this year in a clarinet choir after learning to play the bass clarinet and a whole new part three class days before the performance!  Again, this kid is amazing!



As for drawing/art at high school level, she says:

I don’t do a lot of art classes in school because it’s very difficult to fit art classes in with band classes in a full schedule. Though I’m not an official student in my art teacher’s class, she still helps me with displaying and exhibition in things like the Governor’s Art Show and with preparing for Pies & Pints. Paired with the guidance counselor, the dynamic duo helps me get things done when I need the extra help and direction. 

For the immediate future, her summer plans include getting a job at Michael’s to get ‘dough’ for her year in Spain.  Hope she can save and not spend there, huh?  Although, I think Michael’s will be the winner if they have her as an employee!

As for what the long term future holds, she states:

I don’t like to think much about my Senior year because it will surely be torture after spending a year in Europe though liberating once it’s over because I cant stand the immaturity of people my age. I do plan on attending college though I’m unsure of which because Rotary Youth Exchange opens a lot of doors. The dream would be some art school New York or dare I say it, study in Florence, Italy. I would love to live off my own art and Tattoo Artistry because it’s always been an interest of mine though I must be realistic in knowing that not everyone makes it that way. If I couldn’t survive of my own I wouldn’t know what to do though 🙂 

See what I mean about wise beyond her years, LOL!?


As you can tell from what’s been said here, her interests include fine art, literature, film, dance, language, and especially music; basically anything that has to do with art and expression. Romantic things like poetry to music are her main loves as well as things like anatomy and knowing what goes into a living thing.  The organization of things like bones, tissue and muscles is just so beautiful to me.

When asked to categorize her art, she stated:

I would categorize it as traditional illustrative style meets surrealism and fantasy grated with inspiration from Tim Burton after being smoked over a fire of works of Dali and Rene Magritte.

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources. The emotion she’s personally feeling to the emotion of a character in a book she’s reading. Music, books, television/movies are major inspirations. What will always inspire her though, is music, classic artists like Dali. Magritte, Da Vinci. Music wise and anything from the indie pop of Walk the Moon to classics such as works from artists such as Gustav Holst.

Snapchat-3873157906058353398-2 (1)

Although her mom is really the only other artistic person in her family (a painter and ceramicist), she had little time with running a business and raising kids to teach Brie much of the trade other than what Brie observed. Her mom had an ceramic studio  for 7 years in West Jeff but the downturn in the economy forced her to close her doors. However, because her mother had this studio, Brie had the opportunity to be surrounded by  creativity and creative people. Aren’t we glad??

IMG_20140902_171101_831-2 (2)

All I know is I cannot wait to see what a year abroad does for and to her and her art!  I hope that she keeps posting to the 614 FB page as she grows during this experience.  I also hope that once she returns, she find her niche in the Central Ohio art scene cause I think her star is on the ascent!

Best of luck to you, young lady…hey, and help this girl out by buying some of her art to help pay for this trip:)

 email: briemullinsx@gmail.com

P.S. Just don’t steal my art lol … I do commission work.


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