I’m Baaaaccckkk!

This year, I decided to REALLY take a break from everything while gone on vacation and have been MIA from my blog since the middle of July.  I have kept up with the art scene here in Columbus but have not been writing for almost a month…I’ve missed connecting with everyone but I did need a break to refresh myself!!!

While in Florida, I did get some new pieces for the house from local Floridian artists.  Both pieces I got were pretty cool…one painted on a palm frond (yep!) and the other was a really amazing little piece I got at a local antique mall that is the prettiest piece of sand art that I have ever seen…see below!

Floridian sand art piece

Floridian sand art piece

Palm Frond painting on the right

Palm Frond painting on the right

 AND, I got personal art…my very first tattoo!  The artist, Tony, did this fantastic starfish with so little pain I was in awe.  Check it out!20150729_181619

I have LOTS of artists in the pipeline and know that there are lots of events coming up soon that I will feature.  In the pipeline:

Christopher Tennant and Mary Barczak, Dana Lynn Harper and Gabe Kinney…both artistic couples that I have gotten to know in the last year.  Barb Vogel, Claire Gauntner, Kristin Morris, Amber Smith, Paul Richmond, Joshua James Stewart, Heidi Madsen, Sara King, Mireya Schoo, Pam Spence,Amber Buckley, Cynthia Rosi and so many other folks have already started the process with me.  I am super excited to get to know all of these artists better and feature them.  Am also hopeful that I will get to feature even more people soon so if YOU are interested in being interviewed, please contact me!

A gorgeous evening in Florida!

A gorgeous evening in Florida!

And, so many events are coming up…new shows at The Vanderelli Room, Lindsay Gallery and so many other galleries; Franklinton Fridays; CrestFest; Independent’s Day; Craftin’ Outlaws, Not Your Mama’s Craft Shows, and so much more so please stay tuned for my posts about events.  AND if you have something coming up, make sure to get info to me so I can pimp your event!!

I also want to continue with Emerging Artist Features and hope to begin a regular update on what is happening with artists that have been interviewed previously so you can stay up to date with their work, events and changes!!!

AND when I got back from my trip, I got a new ride!!!  16 years since a new vehicle and I am in love with my Alien Green II KIA Soul…so if you see me out and about, honk, wave and moan!!!20150806_173156

LOTS to do this fall and I can’t wait!  STAY TUNED!!!!


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