Emerging Artist Series: Hakim Callwood,

hakim with urbanHakim (pronounced Ha-keem) Callwood first came to my attention during Urban Scrawl 2015.  I loved his panel and thought it would be cool to feature him as another emerging artist in the Central Ohio area and he agreed!


Hakim, a Columbus native,  started creating art when he was 16, taking classes briefly at both the Art Institute of Cincinnati and Columbus State. Most of his skills are self-taught from both internet tutorials and trial and error.

hakim 1

Comic books, video games and cartoons were the catalyst for his start in the art world. Although he had been into these his whole life, the passion to create them didn’t occur until he got older. About 2 years ago, he created his business/shop, Hakimsartnstuff.


When categorizing his art he calls it ‘Anime Funk’ , doing mainly portraits with added sci-fy  themes in most of his work. ‘My process usually starts with my sketch pad and a mechanical pencil in my bed or at the kitchen table. I like to experiment with different poses and figures so I spend a lot of time looking at photos on the Internet for inspiration.’
 Other artists inspire him…he loves seeing works and events put together creatively.  It lights a fire in him and challenges him to work harder. Getting the opportunity to be in Urban Scrawl was amazing since he thought it was such a good environment and allowed him to meet a lot of local artists had previously only known from Facebook and Instagram. In his opinion: The artists community in Columbus is very welcoming and helpful. If you want to become an artist or already are and want to get out there more don’t be afraid to reach out for advice or whatever you need.
Hakim really likes to make prints of his favorite drawings and then sells them at art shows. He believes that  more artists should give this a try to put a few dollars in their pockets because the act of making sales is a good confidence boost.
 At the moment he is working at COSI part time and making art.  Recently, he’s had shows at Studios 129 (where he hangs out a lot) , The Creative Plug on High Street, Festivus at 400 West Rich,  and Art & Sounds Art Show. In February and March he’ll be busy with Art & Sounds 2 on (February 6th at 32 West 5th Ave), A Pizza Show at 129 in February and Make Your Mark on March 4th at the Creative Plug.
My main goal is to get my artwork out and share it in places I usually wouldn’t or haven’t yet. I want to try some creative projects in the community to get people excited bout art.
Contact for readers:
HakimsArtNStuff on instagram
Hakim Callwood on Facebook

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