Megan Hogan: Illustrator, Artist, Teacher and Columbus Native


Megan Hogan and I met over a year ago at the first Not Your Mama’s Craft Market’s Craft Exchange for Pros at Chelsey Hill’s home.  About 20 of us all had such a lovely time getting to know each other and exchanging fantastic items all handmade by amazing women.  Megan had made a cute little print to share with all of us.  We stayed in contact via Facebook and I was delighted to see that she had a children’s book and was moving her studio into the Roscoe Room with Suzanne Gallagher.  All of these changes in her career led me to request an interview to help promote all of the cool things she is doing!!


A hometown girl, Megan graduated from Westland High School located on the West side of Columbus. From there,  she studied graphic design at Columbus State Community College. About a year ago, she took the plunge and began freelancing full time after quitting her waitressing job of 8 years. Her business is now called Megan Hogan Art & Design. In addition, she interns at her  church for student ministries. 


She says she’s been creating for as long as she can remember like so many other  artists I’ve interviewed. Her mother is also very creative and when Megan was young,  she helped foster her daughter’s creativity.


Creating is practically an additional sense to me at this point; it’s a vital part of my life.  My art is very “me”. I love color and working with details (lots of fine lines and stippling). My art is a mixture of abstract, surreal/realism, and impressionism. I have a very visually graphic yet whimsical style.
Her faith in God, nature/beautiful sceneries, florals, and color all inspire her. Although recently, she’s been challenging herself to incorporate as many mediums into her work at possible; watercolor, colored pencils, gouache, pencil/ink, and sharpies to name a few. She’s really enjoyed playing around with layering and seeing how each medium interacts with one another to bring about a visually inspiring and captivating piece. So much of her art is self taught.


Daydreaming a lot leads to many of her pieces come from thoughts/ideas that linger in her mind. She creates for herself first and foremost but hopes that others will find what she creates to be visually appealing while helping to foster their own creative endeavors and fuel their imaginations.

Megan currently sells her work at Wholly Craft, Simply Vague, Simply Local, in her Etsy shop, and has some work up at the Roscoe Room Gallery. Recently, she was also hired on at the YMCA Gahanna Clark Hall location as a part-time art instructor. She was featured on Girl About Columbus Blog last year for her handmade banners and she celebrated the release of the first children’s book she had the honor of illustrating at The Roscoe Room called A Home for Kikaru. Information about the book can be found on the website and can be purchased on Amazon Books. As far as creating the book, it was a labor of love. It took her close to half a year developing the  character and images used in the book, using watercolor and ink as the mediums in the book. It was a lot of work yet a lot of fun completing the story and working alongside JT to bring his story to life. We’re hoping to do more with the book come spring.


Sure sounds like Megan has got a great start on her dream to become a professional artist…can’t wait to see what other projects she gets into.  Will let you know what happens with her collaborative book this spring!


Contact info for readers:
Instagram: @_mgnhgn
Facebook: Megan Hogan Art & Design
Twitter: @mgnhgndesigns



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