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Elizabeth Haworth-Wagner of Le Singe Creatif,  and I met through Creative Arts of Women (CAW) last summer when the group headed to Strongwater Food & Spirits after a meeting in Franklinton.  She and I just happened to sit close to each other and talked a little.  During the rest of last year and into the beginning of this year, we saw each other at meetings and then sat next to each other at the Pink Crow party and the conversation continued. Then, we ran into each other at the opening reception for Landmark at Ft. Hayes, walked around together, looked at everyone’s magnificent pieces and decided to get a drink afterwards. That drink forged a great friendship as we found out we had lots in common as far as life circumstances, love for Taos and art.  I’m really excited about featuring Liz, not just because of our friendship but also because of her talent and upcoming solo show at Fresh A.I.R.E. Gallery.



Originally from Kansas City, she says that art...”Honestly, it was like breathing for me.  There was never really anything else on the table for me.”   Although, she says  when she was a kid, her cousin, Debra,  would not let her color in her coloring books because Liz refused to stay inside the lines and – I used too much purple.  LOL!

Another Road

Another Road

Before moving to Miami FLA in 1985 a few years after graduating with a BFA from the University of Kansas, she started her career as a studio photographer for Macy’s in Kansas City.  Because she and her hubby, Gregg, wanted to go sailing they moved to Miami 2 years later.  Not only did they GO sailing, they lived on a sailboat for two years!!!! Yes, eventually, they lived in an apartment on the beach but so loved the sea that they moved back to the sailboat for a year and a half. She lived in Miami for 17 years starting out as a photo stylist with a photo studio and then got an on-camera job with Avante.  She then became an illustrator and went on to become an art director for Miami Beach magazine.that was followed by working as art director for 10 years (do you see a pattern here?) at Southern Boating Publications where a good day at the office was being in the Bahamas on a swimsuit shoot.



In 2002, she and her husband moved to  Colorado near Taos New Mexico where they lived for 2 years after returning to Kansas City to care for Gregg’s mother. In 2004, they returned to Kansas City where she took a position as Art Director for the magazine division of The Kansas City Star where she stayed for 10 years.  After 37 years of marriage, Gregg died suddenly and Liz remained in KC for a year and a half.  During that time, she established correspondence with an old friend who came to Colorado to help spread Gregg’s ashes at the Great Sand Dunes near their cabin. They fell in love, got married and next thing you know, she was living in Columbus!

It is ligh next to him - werb

It’s Light Next to Him

She is  now a freelance art director with The Creative Group and joined CAW (an incredible group of talented women, her words)  last year and has just started showing her work in area galleries.


James’ Haiku

At this point in time, she describes her work as paintings in paper.  For the past few years, she’s been working with natural fiber and hand made paper cut-outs which are often embellished with ink, gouache, watercolor, conté crayons, charcoal and/or pencil.  In general, other people frequently make the observation that her work is very organic.  It is certainly very personal and she can be inspired by anything, really, from a beautiful landscape to the color of a pick-up truck…she just never knows.  As she puts it – it just comes. Recently, she’s discovered book making materials, particularly folding bones and some wonderful acid free glues.


Swamp Thing

When asked about her process, she says that it varies depending on the piece.  Sometimes it just comes on and she gets the idea, and blows straight through from start to finish in a day or two. Other times, she lets an idea cook literally for months or even a year, working it all out using Adobe Illustrator and then finally getting it down on paper.  Adobe has saved her lots of waste of materials over the years (gee, nothing that any of us has experienced, huh? LOL!)


She states that she has had some success selling her works  in small local galleries like Pennington in Clintonville and through some public venues and businesses in Worthington. She belongs to the Worthington Area Art League (WAAL) and has had some opportunity through that group as well as through her membership in CAW…in March participating in the Landmark show at Ft. Hayes’ Shot Tower Gallery. Both she and I were really impressed with the works displayed at this show and were honored to be able to participate in it.
Miaimi alleylr

Miami Alley

When discussing her upcoming solo show, she states:
I began working on this series of natural fiber, cut paper collages in 2011. The collection is influenced by everything I have seen and experienced. Although I now live in Columbus, I have a home in south-central Colorado near Taos, New Mexico and I am enamored with the confluence of cultures prominent in that area. That fascination is reflected in some of the pieces included in this series. 
The work reflects my exploration of connections between the physical and spiritual worlds, including questions about life, death, the afterlife, and rebirth. After the sudden death of my husband in 2013 , to whom I had been  married for 37 years, I fell into the depths of depression. I had met and fallen in love with him when I was 14.  We were and remain companions. Following his death, I suffered from a diagnosed condition called, literally, “Broken Heart Syndrome.”
Since the day my husband died, my artwork has continued to address spiritual-physical connections, along with my struggle to recover from PTSD and BHS. Much like writing in my journal, my art has been my companion in recovery.  Without it, I’m quite unsure that I would be walking his earth today. Through art, I have found that there is always hope. I have learned that things aren’t always what they seem to beand what appears to be an end, may in fact be a door to a wonderful new beginning.

Another Road

Being a recent transplant to our city, she feels pretty positive about the move. I really love Columbus and I’m delighted with the creative community here. Art, Music, performance, The Wexner Center for the Arts film program – great restaurants and shops   – and, of course, the women of CAW!
Mohican Hlr


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Elizabeth Haworth-Wagner

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