Mixed Media+Kate Morgan=Breathtaking Art

20160526_140043.jpgKate Morgan and I met a year or so ago at an CIF (she is a member and has a studio there) event and she gave me a postcard but I really didn’t get to know her until we ran into each other a few more times and then were both members of CAW and doing the Black and White Color Show at the Vanderelli Room.  At that point, I was a little more familiar with her work and loved it!  We continue to see each other pretty regularly and since she is exhibiting at both the CAW Shot Tower Gallery Show, Landmark and with Erik Horvath at Marcia Evans Gallery, I figured it was about time we did an interview.  So we started online and then finished up with some time in her studio at CIF as she busily is finishing up works for upcoming festivals and shows.
kate marcia 2

one of the pieces at Marcia Evans Gallery

Like Stephanie Rond, Kate attended  Ft. Hayes for  general high school and  for vocational photography. Because she has always loved painting, drawing and photography, she  attended the CCAD Saturday morning art classes for years before enrolling at Ft. Hayes.  Art is a magnet to her soul according to Kate… I’ve never wanted to do anything else. When I was as young as 4, I would tell people I was going to be an artist. I never really had a back-up plan (unless you count working 20 years in retail a back-up plan).  LOL!
From there she went on to CCAD and received  a BFA from  in photography/media studies. She states that : “I still love photography, but I need a tactile gratification that digital no longer offers me ” so now the major portion of her works are paintings, drawings and mixed media.
kate marcia
So, when asked to categorize her art it seemed only natural that she would call it mixed media because she combines her painting, drawing and collage along with other things cause she likes to experiment  A LOT!  She says she is definitely NOT a painter even thought many people call her one because she states:  I can’t do what my painting friends can do.
kate The Groundstalker

The Groundstalker

Her creative process actually thrives on that experimentation she mentioned so she generally works in series because of it.  I have tons of work that I probably wouldn’t ever show people (it’s that bad)….but it’s part of the process. Did I say that I love her sense of humor???? Learning to  accept that for every piece she makes and loves,  there can be 20+ pieces that are “ok” & several that end up in the trash!  (Can I rummage through THAT trash can???)  There are drawers of good stuff that’s “not quite there yet” according to Kate.   Being able to be “OK” with not having everything so perfect has really opened up the way she’s able to think  and approach a piece.

Smaller pieces being prepped for festivals

She is inspired by just about everything.  History, stories, people, art, experiences, shadows, ideas…nothing is off limits for her.  She’s intrigued by ceramics and 3D figural sculpture. She’s tried a do-it-yourself air dry clay that she really likes but hasn’t had the time to play with it that much yet.  Recently, she also  got an small, old industrial press so she’d like to revisit printmaking and combine even more layering than she usually does in her pieces.
kate in the works

Her Landmark piece in the works

 We also discussed why Columbus Idea Foundry rather than 400 West Rich or some other studio.  Because she joined CIF way before 400 was really up and running and had lots of studio space, it ended up being a perfect fit.  She loved the openness of the space, the ability to learn more about woodworking and make her own frames and the ability to meet with other artists and bounce off ideas, get feedback, etc.

heads and feet Kate

Heads, etc waiting to be included in pieces

How can you get one of her amazing pieces? She generally sells most of her work by traveling and doing art festivals in various locations (these change each year). She also has an active etsy.com shop….www.etsy.com/shop/kmid..that she has just recently been working with a variety of her art. In Columbus, she has a few places that she displays her work regularly: The Smithery (in Grandview) carries her leather cuffs; TASI Cafe (in the Short North) hangs work from prints to originals and  ZOE Cafe (in Bexley) hangs original pieces. OR, you can head out to an amazing amount of festivals throughout the Midwest, including the Columbus Arts Festival this weekend!!
kate landmark

Landmark piece at Shot Tower Gallery

This lady is one busy artist.  Example, this spring and summer:

Woman IX: Group show @ Lakeland Community College (Feb 28 – April 1, 2016)
CAW: Landmark @ Fort Hayes Shot Gallery (February 29 – April 15, 2016)
The Black & White Color Show @ The Vanderelli Room (Reception March 11, 2016)
March Artist @ S.Dot Gallery (March 11 – April, 2016)
Art for Life @ Pizzuti Collection (continuing to Columbus Museum of Art in September)
LOTS of traveling this summer…Just in East Lansing Michigan, 2 in Detroit, 2 in D.C. then soon Harrisburg, Minneapolis, Columbus Arts Fest, Indiana, Michigan, Cleveland, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh (Shadyside), Chicago, St. Louis, whew!!!!!  I’m tired just reading all of  this but how much fun will this lady have!!!! And how many people she will meet!
John de Gaunt, King of Castille & Leon, Duke of Lancaster.

John de Gaunt (in process)

Speaking of, she and I spent most of the time at her studio discussing what all is involved in being a festival/show/booth artist.  She definitely stated that there are pros and cons to being what many call ‘booth’ artists.  On the positive side, she loves meeting people from all over and getting the opportunity to promote her work throughout the country although she prefers to only travel to fests that are within an 8 hour radius of Columbus due to some lower back problems.  She also loves the comradery with other artists: genuinely supporting each other, helping each other out and bouncing ideas off each other. She calls them her ‘little tribe people’ 🙂 In addition, she stated that one of the benefits to doing festivals is that she gets to connect with possible patrons…people that may be on the fence about art can be helped to feel more comfortable about purchasing pieces by meeting the artists, talking to them and understanding the value of the artwork. Unlike many gallery shows where the client may not meet the artist, that personal interaction with customers may help encourage sales.
 kate woman
The cons of doing booth work can be numerous especially for those new to this way to selling art.  Kate said that last year she put about 23,000 miles on her van for 26 shows!!
The usual cost per show is $600-$1000 when you figure in jury cost, booth fees ($150-700 per show), hotel for usually 2 nights, gas, food and the wear and tear on your vehicle.
Additionally, the artist gets to be a one-person business having to assemble the tent (of course, you have to buy one of those and weights!!), have or create a pleasing set-up system, keep track of the money, put price tags on everything, tear down everything, store art AND have the time between shows to create art…LOL! Weather can also be a pro or con and has huge effect on sales. Quite a lot to consider if you are thinking about doing this type of work, huh?

one of the pieces at Marcia Evans Gallery

kate at s.dot 3

Kate beginning installation at S. Dot Gallery

For now, however, Kate thoroughly enjoys what she is doing even if life is hectic.  She particularly like being her own boss and having the opportunity to follow her passion.

Assemblage of pieces begins

 AND, she’d love for you to know: I love burritos, cookies & Diet Dr. Pepper and Murder She Wrote!! Remember that sense of humor I talked about????
 Contact info for readers:
instagram @katemorgankmid
 Check out more about Kate and other CIF artists here:

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