Meet Brooke Wenstrup Albrecht: Narrative Illustrator

brookeBrooke Albrecht and I met when I dropped off my pieces for the “a little bit closer” show that CAW put on at the Vanderelli Room but I had seen her work on Facebook via Instagram.  I love her take on her subject matter and the vibrant colors she usually uses. So, it only seemed natural to get to know her better.


Brooke has been working on her own as a freelance artists for about 2 1/2 years under the Brooke Albrecht Studio moniker but has been drawing since a very early age.  At the age of 5, she won a prize when she painted a parrot in a Cincinnati Zoo competition!  I’d say that’s an early age!!

brooke 1

Growing up in Cincy, she always loved creating something whether it was sewing creatures on her sewing machine or doing paper cuts.  Primarily, she is self-taught although her mother was an artist. ‘My mother Maggie Wenstrup (an artist for over 50 years in the Cincinnati area) was instrumental with her encouragement and love of art and folk art. Both my parents were huge southern folk art collectors.’ Her inspiration comes from folk art and word play and she enjoys celebrating our everyday experiences with a sense of child-like wonder and quirky absurdity.

brooke 2

Graphic designing and publication design both at Ohio Magazine and McGraw-Hill education have been her vocation until she quit her full-time gig and take the plunge into the freelance world. “I’ve been fortunate enough to make a go of it doing design work and illustration.”


in Brooke’s studio




love the lighting!



her inspiration board

Illustration with a narrative suitable for children or the child inside is how she categorizes her art.  She also enjoys doing editorial work, quirky takes on life and lately she’s been enjoying making patterns and paper cuts.Her illustrations and design work have appeared in publications such McGraw-Hill Education, Ohio Magazine, New Hampshire Magazine, Dreamspinner Press, Edible Columbus, and The Meadow of Blue Hill.

brooke 3

Inspiration comes from other artists, too.  “I love going to gallery openings and art museums. I enjoy taking online classes and nature. I can’t get enough of exploring outside.”  Her media is pen and ink and, lots of times, she scans in drawings and colors it in Photoshop so she can make prints. For paper cutting, she mainly lets her Exacto knife direct her naturally.


more of her studio

Her studio is at 400 West Rich (#206) so she usually sells her works during Franklinton Fridays (second Friday of each month) as well as through commissions and shows she participates in. I had the opportunity to stop by her inviting little studio during September’s Franklinton Fridays event.  Although it was hot as Hades, we hung out for a little while so I could take some pictures and hear about her upcoming trip to Canada…boy, the thought of having cooler weather to look forward to sounded delightful that night!  I also was lucky enough to see some of her works in progress that you can see in some of the photos here.

brooke 4

One of her latest coups was being chosen with a group of 4 artists to create a map for the Columbus Museum of Art in the Artist’s Map project. Her map is called “ Walk with Art:  It’s Good for You” and features the Columbus area and art she enjoys from the Art Museum Collection.

brooke 5

In addition to her regular Franklinton Friday gigs, she already has a couple of events lined up for 2016. Coming up in a couple of weeks, her lovely little studio will be open to the public through COSS (Columbus Open Studio and Stage Tour) on October 8th and 9th. (Brooke Wenstrup Albrecht cuts paper and brings folklore to life. There’s fanciful wordplay, too.COSS tour Oct 8-9 #artmakescbus #cosstour Purchase tour maps or register to volunteer (receive 2 free maps!) at For a short description of this event:

Columbus Open Studio & Stage (COSS) is a two-day event that provides an opportunity for the Columbus creative community to open their studio and stage doors to the public, shining a light on the creative process and practice. Studios will offer finished artwork, works in-progress, and demonstrations. Stage venues will share performances and a behind the scenes view of productions. Attendees will have an opportunity to speak with creatives directly about their process from idea to completion. COSS is a self-guided tour of individual studios with scheduled tours of performing arts organizations.
COSS is supported by Art Makes Columbus


Then in December , her works will be featured in Stephanie Rond’s S. Dot Gallery.  She also has been book binding classes at Columbus Cultural Arts Center for over a year and will be continuing those in the new year. Next November and December …2017..she will once again have a solo exhibit at the Bexley Main Library.


In addition to those events, she states that she is available  for representation, art licensing, freelance illustration and surface pattern work. If you want to learn more about her process, see her current works and meet her in person, make sure to get a ticket for the COSS!

Contact info for readers:



phone 614-949-7719


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