WitchLab and The Vanderelli Room Gallery are proud to present The Séance. A recreation of a live Victorian Spiritualist Séance and art show. For two nights only we will be attempting to contact spirits, ghosts and all those who have passed over to the other side.

This event will be closed to ticket holders only. Tickets available here:http://bpt.me/2627359
There will be an artists reception open to the public at midnight after the conclusion of the final show on November 1st.

Did we mention that there is also a costume contest? Attendees are requested to dress in the style of the Victorian era and there will be a costume contest with prizes from our sponsors to be held after the séance.

Our sponsors include:
Booze and Boos – Columbus’ premiere ghost tour
Big Fun
The Alley Vintage and Costume Shop
(And mentioning this event at The Alley gets you 10% off!)

You can choose to sit at the main table with our featured medium, Tiffany Boggins, or at one of the smaller side tables.

Seating will begin at 11pm sharp and the event will be followed by a reception where refreshments and snacks will be provided and you can peruse the Spiritualism, Magic and Houdini art show that will be hanging in the main gallery. Art will be available for sale after the event is over at midnight each night.


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