Meet Adrian Sibley, Abstract Artist

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    As with so many artists I have interviewed, I saw Adrian Sibley’s art work first on the Art and Artists of 614 and thought…hmmmm, I wanna interview that guy!
    So….here we go!
    Adrian has been Urbanmanboy on since August of 2015.  Believe it or not, his background is in quality assurance technician/supervisor/trainer in various manufacturing environments!  Gotta pay the bills, right?  He is a native of Chicago but when he was unemployed and his wife had a great job that had great hourly rate but  was part time and had no benefits. So,she sent her resume to colleges in Ohio,Texas and Kansas.Can we guess who called first? Hehe!  She accepted a job as an academic advisor at Columbus State and Adrian became part of the Columbus art scene!!!
    He says that  he’s wanted to draw for a number of years but only recently (two years ago on Father’s Day) has ‘gotten off my ass’ and put brush on canvas. He states that he was a crappy at drawing as a child (didn’t know what abstract art was at the time). he explains that: When I close my eyes I see FLASHES of color that usually represent my moods (sex seems to be red and pink) I always wanted to get those “emotions” down on paper or canvas. I occasionally draw on my hands, arms and feet. it’s an old habit.
    He also says that his first outlet for creative process is writing and he’s written a book and a half so far. The book he started in 2004 is called The Urban Misadventures of a Manboy (about Chicago, his family and himself. Some parts are pretty graphic, he says) Adrian says he’s been writing stories since he was fifteen, starting with comic book story lines and was offered a summer internship at Marvel Comics…impressive! (I didn’t go because my mother couldn’t afford to send me) I would live to have my work published.

    Asked to categorize his art, he states:Sound, color, pain, and memory. Music and memories inspire most of his work and some memories are too painful to express so that he tends to lean on  music more to inspire..He says that…


    30% of my art is the music that inspires me (MF Doom, Public
    Enemy, Nirvana, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, rhcp, (I could go on)another 30% is  my memories as a child growing up in Chicago (foster home, sexual abuse, Catholic school, all that good stuff), the other 40% is the minutiae of just living a life in this era. 

    orgasms that make you forget you

    Recently, he’s incorporated plastic pellets into his art adding more texture to his works. He was working as a lab tech for a plastics recycling company and was amazed by the small pellets that were produced after the cleaning process was done. He thought he just had to do something with them. In addition to these, he currently works at a metal recycling plant so now incorporates titanium and various metals into some of his pieces…cool, huh?

    just a mirror for the sun

    Accolades, honors, awards???  This is his reply:My wife loves me. Does that count? LOL!!
    When asked about his process, Adrian states:
    Other than the colors of the paint I happen to be using I try not to
    think too much when I paint. Colors jump into my head…. like twenty minutes ago ORANGE jumped in. In this instance ORANGE is “infinity stored deep inside me”
    beautiful disaster.jpg

    beautiful disaster

    He uses and Saatchiart sites to sell his work as well as selling at the shows he participates in.  Speaking of those, he has donated a piece to the Art of Recovery show that is coming up in November, had a show at Pennington Custom Art Service in Clintonville on October 15th and then next September he has a show in Grove City  at the Groveport Town Hall Art Gallery
    Being new at this whole art thing, he says: This is the beginning and I think I will get better. He’s looking forward to that!!!
    Contact info for readers:

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    • Thank you, as always, Barb! I just love that you read every interview I do…that alone makes doing what I do even more meaningful to me! Hope to see you soon:)

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