Blockfort’s Grand Opening Highlight of the Weekend

The big news for Central Ohio this weekend is the opening of Blockfort, Central Ohio’s new art gallery and resident artist studios.  Join some of the previous tenants of Tacocat as they celebrate their new space! Read more about the space here:

Grand Opening


162 North 6th Street

Saturday 12-7


Blockfort is excited to announce its grand opening to the public! This inaugural event will feature an exhibition in the gallery space entitled “Welcome to Blockfort” showcasing work from the establishment’s tenant artists and entrepreneurs. Guests are invited to discover the rest of the building by visiting the individual studio spaces.


Resident artists include: David Michael, Aaron Marks,Marshall L. Shorts Jr., Jen Wrubles, Cat Sheridan,Lorenzo Doyle, Sherleelah Jones, Catherine Bell Smith, Meghan Brouillette, Lisa M. McLymont,Jamie Sommer, Adam Brouillette, Lucie Shearer,Nicholas Nocera, Alison Rose Nocera, Logan J. Schmitt, Megan Green, Rob Green, Christopher Burk, Rachael Schmitt, Chris Blain, Phillip Elie and Patrick Torres.

And Sunday…

Cap City Creatives (CCC) will be changing up their meeting place and meeting at Capri Lanes for their monthly meeting. As member Heather Marks puts it:

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Come to the meeting and stay for the bowling 🎳 I can’t wait for our artistic athleticism to shine out!

Cap City Creatives Monthly Meeting

Capri Lanes

Sunday 4- ???




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