Broad & High Tonight!!! Patrick Wayner and His Work!

I am in Florida right now and will post more info about happenings in the Central Ohio Art Scene later today BUT wanted to make sure that you knew to watch an amazing artist that I just adore…both for his work and for his personality!  Patrick Wayner will be featured tonight at 8 p.m. and again on Sunday.  Patrick and I met several years ago when I saw his booth/work at a Made Local artist showcase.  At that time, his work was all 2d but was fascinating because of the patchworks he could make with old maps and paint.  Since that time, his art has evolved to even more intricate 3D pieces that are beyond description…please make sure to watch this young man as he shows his process on the show tonight!

Tonight catch him on @broadandhigh on @wosupubmedia @pbs at 8 o’ clock.

Read more about him:

patrick broad and high.jpgpatrick bear.jpg


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