Are you an Ohio Artisan/Crafter who would like more promotion for the unique items you create but don’t know how to get the word out to potential customers?  Love Ohio Crafters and Artisans (l.o.c.a.) is the perfect venue to do just that.

I began this blog because I myself am an Ohio crafter/artist and have had the pleasure of meeting so many talented artistic people that are looking for ways to promote their product.  Although I do have a shop on Etsy.com, I would like to have more of a presence here in my hometown along with so many other folks who create.  My hope is to expose people to the unique artistry that is available right here in Ohio, to promote local which also promotes a more ‘green’ lifestyle and to provide a location to find out about the variety of craft and art shows and other celebrate local happenings in and around Columbus.

So, if you (or someone you know) is creating something unique or starting a new local artisan’s business in Ohio, l.o.c.a. would love to ‘love’ you by learning more about you, doing in-depth interviews about  your art/crafts and shout outs about events.   All we ask is that you, in turn, promote l.o.c.a.’s blog to your customers, friends and family!


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  1. I am a central Ohio artisan who makes hand painted silk scarves, wraps and pillows. I would like to know more about any upcoming small shows in the central Ohio area for 2014.


    Sharon Lewis

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