Mixed Media At It’s Finest!

20150307_120455Are you interested in learning mixed media techniques?  Would you rather learn them in person rather than online or through reading books?  I have got the instructor for you!!!  In March, I was fortunate enough to partake in a wonderful workshop with 10 other lovely ladies under the tutelage of the immensely creative and talented Christine Guillot Ryan at the McConnell Arts Center.


Christine at Chalk the Block last year

We started the two day workshop with an overview of what Christine wanted to teach us with lots of examples of how she incorporates these techniques into her own work.  We were able to see some of her finished pieces on display at the arts center for the Brave exhibition and, wow, was I inspired!  I couldn’t wait to get to work!

Christine's pieces for

Christine’s pieces for “Brave”

Christine first shared some books that she has found helpful to  explore a variety of techniques.  We introduced ourselves, shared our experience in creating mixed media and indicated what we hoped to learn during the workshop.  Each of us were given 2 – 16 x 24 canvas boards and were provided with materials and equipment to experiment with…a very relaxed and intimate atmosphere.


Using plastic wrap with paint

From there, Christine set up a palette of acrylic paints that she typically uses in her pieces and then she discussed the benefits of using acrylics vs. oils.  She explained the need for background, middle ground and foreground for our pieces to give them depth and texture before demonstrating painting the background.  At that point we learned about using bubble wrap, plastic wrap and various other textiles with paint to give the illusion of texture.

Another student incorporating tracing paper

Another student incorporating tracing paper

While the paint on those canvases dried, she discussed manipulation of xeroxing and gave a demonstration of the methods she used for this, particularly when manipulating text.  Everyone got into that! She had a ton of xeroxed images that we could use but we were encouraged to bring items like this to the class when given our materials list.


Using gel medium to apply paper

Time flew by that first day!  Just when I was beginning to really get into it, it was time to pack up for the day but what we learned certainly was fodder for the evening.  I gathered images from magazines, my stash of images, text and more for the next day’s adventures.


Demonstrating spray paint techniqes

Sunday was spectacular particularly because the winter dreariness seemed to have broken; the day was warm and sunny…perfect for our foray into spray painting.  Xeroxing was fun but it couldn’t compare to spray paint for me.  Christine demonstrated the techniques and showed us the materials and paints (mostly, Montana Gold but also paints from Lowe’s and Home Depot) she uses in her work.  Then she left us to play, play, play!  We sprayed on our canvases as well as on tracing paper that could then be used to create layers and more texture on our work.  Attaching these pieces and others using gel medium was also part of the instructions for both days.  She had tons of materials she shared with us like stencils, lace, plastic flowers, 3-d glasses, so much stuff I can’t even begin to describe it all.

Materials to use with spray painting

Materials to use with spray painting

Image transfer was also taught that day and she showed us two different methods for accomplishing this.  Fascinating and, although not extremely difficult, somewhat tricky.  I attempted this but think that I will have to have lots of trials before I’m happy with my results!  We also got to play with pan pastels, again to add depth and texture to our pieces.  Oh, my bank account is gonna be hurting!!!  I fell in love with these too!

During the last 90 minutes of class, Christine showed us how to finish our pieces to make them more permanent with a variety of gel mediums.  Once this demonstration was completed, she asked each of us to share our work the class, explain what we liked best about the class,  took pics of our work and gave us feedback on what we had created.

Students working

Students working

The majority of the ladies in the class stated that they loved the environment mainly because Christine was so supportive, non-judgmental and just plain fun!  I think that everyone there felt that they had learned a lot about mixed media even if they expressed that the were not sure if the would use the techniques in the future.

For me, the instructor (yay, Christine!) made the workshop enjoyable and encouraged movement around the class to talk to other participants, supported and encouraged but didn’t tell us what to do.  She was fun and funny as well as honest and forthright. I am so very glad that I took this because it was just what I needed to get myself out of a creative funk after recovering from surgery.  I would highly recommend taking classes from her and hope to do so again some time in the near future.


The beginnings of one of my pieces

Not only did Christine inspire me that weekend, the things I learned have carried over into the trio of pieces that I am creating for CAW’s upcoming show at Urban Arts Space in May entitled “Remnants”.  As you can see, I incorporated many of the techniques I learned but if you want to see the finished pieces, you will have to make your way downtown in May!

If you are interested in taking a class from Christine, she is hoping to offer another one at McConnell in the fall.  Check their upcoming schedules for dates and times.

Contact info for Christine:

Catching Up!

OK…I am trying to get back into the swing of things after two weeks in Florida.  We had a great time and got to explore so many new places plus go to the beach.  I got to prove what a total klutz I am too by trying to use an older treadmill that requires some type of agility to get started.  Ron wished he had recorded my attempt because I looked like something on America’s Funniest Home Videos.  However, it didn’t feel very funny as you can see from this pic!


Not doing that again!!! LOL!

But I sort of digress…first, I wanted to talk about the Sunday before I left to go South.  I had the opportunity to be part of the group photo of The Art and Artists of 614 at the Main Library and see the exhibit curated by Stephanie Rond (she is on my list of soon-to-be-featured artists!).  Later that day, I made another trip downtown to Rehab Tavern in Franklinton to meet with some of the members of Cap City Creatives.  As always, I am in awestruck by the sheer number of creative, artistic folks in our Cow Town!  I LOVE it!!!  It was a beautifully warm day and I was fortunate to meet many people that day, including Gavin Bruce who will be featured later this week right here on my blog!

Some of the artists of 614

Some of the artists of 614


Some of the gorgeous works of art in the Women of Color exhibition at the library's Carnegie Gallery

Some of the gorgeous works of art in the Women of Color exhibition at the library’s Carnegie Gallery

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Busy, Busy!

I have been very busy during the last week making 2 custom books for Etsy.com customers.  One was a travel album for a woman who had been on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy that her father-in-law treated the entire family to ( 9 people total!!!…I wanna be that man’s daughter-in-law!).  The book was to be a present to him as a way of saying thank you for such a wonderful family vacation.

The other is for a 9 year old daughter of a repeat customer.  This little girl had to have foot surgery at the beginning of the summer and is not allowed to be very active during summer vacation so her mom requested that I make a special book for her to scrap about her family, friends and fun events for the summer.  This book is still in process so I will post pics of the final project when I get it all done!


front cover of girl’s book…not finished

I just love making special books like this for people because I can give them a very unique way to preserve their precious memories, acknowledge wonderful folks in their lives and make one-of-a-kind books!  I also feel like I live vicariously through the creation of these books…like the Italy book led to my reminiscing about my very amazing trip to Italy several years ago and the little girl’s book allowed me to get in touch with being a kid again.  It’s been a great creative week for me…you can check out what I made below.


inside pages of vacation book


family vacation book