Another Emerging Artist: Ashley Martin and Ash Woodworking

This summer I met a talented and personable young  woodworker named Ashley Joseph Martin and his girlfriend, Paige at the first summer edition of Crafts Gone Wild. Our booths were next to each other’s so we struck up a conversation. … Continue reading

Emerging Artist Series: Brie Mullins, High School Student Extraordinaire


I fell in love with this young lady’s work the first time Brie Mullins post her ‘doodles during study hall’ photos on the FB page of the Art and Artists of 614 and have been enthralled with her take on art and her phenomenal talent!  Even though she is ‘only’ in high school, her work is unbelieveable!! And, wise beyond her years and an old soul are only a few of the words I could use to describe her. Sooo,  I asked her to take some time to do an interview and she graciously accepted.

IMG_20150221_214606_007 (1)

Currently, she is enrolled as a junior at West Jeff High School but has taken some summer classes at CCAD in comic book design and drawing.  That was several years ago and, not meaning to toot her own horn, she feels that taking any more classes offered for her age group really wouldn’t provide her with much as she feels that she has moved beyond their scope.

Last summer, she participated in Summer Jam at Westgate and was quite successful selling her work.  With that under her belt, she has been selling her art and doing commission work.   During this school year, she’s been keeping up with creating more art, maintaining the 6 instruments ( yes, I said 6!) she plays, completing academic work along with the necessary steps to become an exchange to student to Spain this coming school year. Not surprisingly, she was accepted and will be leaving for a year in Spain at the end of August (I leave at the end of August and will be gone for a year so don’t forget about me in Ohio, okay?…like we could, right?)


She also entered the Governor’s Art show and got two pieces into the Top 275 with one of the pieces (Cupid’s Mistake), bought by Thad Ricker to be put on permanent display at the Ohio Department of Education  building. Whoa!!!  She’s  also been featured at the newly opened  Pies & Pints in the Short North during May and  has been chosen  to be featured again in August. BUT before all of that happened, back in middle school, she won the honor of a work of her art being featured in her school’s library until she  graduated from eighth grade. AND, she’s received honor recognition her  whole school career ( practically all A’s) with the additional recognition of Gifted in Art by the state of Ohio while in elementary school. Let me ask you, what had YOU accomplished by the time you were a junior in high school?  I sure know that I wasn’t mature enough to accomplish all of this by that tender age!!!

But wait, that’s not all this young lady did this year…she was the saxophone section leader and received a superior rating at Contest this year in a clarinet choir after learning to play the bass clarinet and a whole new part three class days before the performance!  Again, this kid is amazing!



As for drawing/art at high school level, she says:

I don’t do a lot of art classes in school because it’s very difficult to fit art classes in with band classes in a full schedule. Though I’m not an official student in my art teacher’s class, she still helps me with displaying and exhibition in things like the Governor’s Art Show and with preparing for Pies & Pints. Paired with the guidance counselor, the dynamic duo helps me get things done when I need the extra help and direction. 

For the immediate future, her summer plans include getting a job at Michael’s to get ‘dough’ for her year in Spain.  Hope she can save and not spend there, huh?  Although, I think Michael’s will be the winner if they have her as an employee!

As for what the long term future holds, she states:

I don’t like to think much about my Senior year because it will surely be torture after spending a year in Europe though liberating once it’s over because I cant stand the immaturity of people my age. I do plan on attending college though I’m unsure of which because Rotary Youth Exchange opens a lot of doors. The dream would be some art school New York or dare I say it, study in Florence, Italy. I would love to live off my own art and Tattoo Artistry because it’s always been an interest of mine though I must be realistic in knowing that not everyone makes it that way. If I couldn’t survive of my own I wouldn’t know what to do though 🙂 

See what I mean about wise beyond her years, LOL!?


As you can tell from what’s been said here, her interests include fine art, literature, film, dance, language, and especially music; basically anything that has to do with art and expression. Romantic things like poetry to music are her main loves as well as things like anatomy and knowing what goes into a living thing.  The organization of things like bones, tissue and muscles is just so beautiful to me.

When asked to categorize her art, she stated:

I would categorize it as traditional illustrative style meets surrealism and fantasy grated with inspiration from Tim Burton after being smoked over a fire of works of Dali and Rene Magritte.

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources. The emotion she’s personally feeling to the emotion of a character in a book she’s reading. Music, books, television/movies are major inspirations. What will always inspire her though, is music, classic artists like Dali. Magritte, Da Vinci. Music wise and anything from the indie pop of Walk the Moon to classics such as works from artists such as Gustav Holst.

Snapchat-3873157906058353398-2 (1)

Although her mom is really the only other artistic person in her family (a painter and ceramicist), she had little time with running a business and raising kids to teach Brie much of the trade other than what Brie observed. Her mom had an ceramic studio  for 7 years in West Jeff but the downturn in the economy forced her to close her doors. However, because her mother had this studio, Brie had the opportunity to be surrounded by  creativity and creative people. Aren’t we glad??

IMG_20140902_171101_831-2 (2)

All I know is I cannot wait to see what a year abroad does for and to her and her art!  I hope that she keeps posting to the 614 FB page as she grows during this experience.  I also hope that once she returns, she find her niche in the Central Ohio art scene cause I think her star is on the ascent!

Best of luck to you, young lady…hey, and help this girl out by buying some of her art to help pay for this trip:)


P.S. Just don’t steal my art lol … I do commission work.

Number Three in Series: Budding Artists: Abby Vance and Rosey’s Posies

Emerging Artist Series: Number 2–Painted Patchwork’s Patrick Wayner

004The first time I  saw Patrick Wayner’s Painted Patchwork was at a made Local event that was held at 400 West Rich.  I was checking out the art scene with an ulterior motive…finding some new artisans to participate in the Falling for Local show at Franklin Park.  His art was so unique and fascinating, that I contacted him about vending at the event.  I was thrilled that he participated and so was he as had great sales and feedback that day.  I gave him a slew of maps and vintage sheet music for his work.   From there, we discussed an interview and here we are!


Koi currently on display at Haiku Restaurant

Initially, Patrick answered some questions for me via e-mail but then he invited me to come to house where his studio is located in his basement.  Not only did I get to know him better, meet his doggies, wife and son and learn more about his process but I actually got to watch him begin a piece.   How fun and a great way to spend a cold winter Sunday!

Iko and Luna

Iko and Luna

Originally from Cincinnati, Patrick moved to Columbus in 2002 to attend OSU with plans to major in Graphic Design.  He took several pre-requisite courses but ended up feeling that it wasn’t a good fit. Eventually,  he attended Columbus State and received an Associates Degree in Graphic Design…a better fit for him personally because of a smaller community and classes where he could have more support and explore art in his own way.  After graduation, he did attempt to find a design job but found that entry level pay was not his thing.  So, he continued working as a bartender for several years, working at Red Robin Easton, Brio and eventually, Rusty Bucket.  However, due to a foot condition and knee problems, standing for double shifts became prohibitive.  Then, his little guy, Silas, was born so he and his wife decided that it was time for him to be a stay-at-home dad and truly pursue his art career!!
patrick 3

Neither of Patrick’s parents were particularly artistic but his dad had a wood shop, was an engineer with blueprints every where and the smell of wood is something that has always resonated with him, felt like home.  Art was always a part of his life, a sort of therapeutic thing.  So, when it came time to choose a career, something art related seemed quite natural.  He chose graphics because he wanted to do something art related but not necessarily fine art.


Gallery in Patrick’s Studio Showing part of his character collection

The moniker of Painted Patchwork evolved as his art evolved due to the type of work he creates and his penchant for seeing things in patterns. This name came about 15 years ago and he’s been honing his craft for about 20 years but it’s only been within the last 2 years that he has gotten truly serious about his work and promoting it. Initially, his focus was creating characters but eventually, to appeal to a larger audience, he began creating animals…it worked!!!patrick 1

Admittedly a wood and spray paint addict, he categorizes his work as mixed media illustrations that utilize wood, maps, acrylic and aerosol paint.  He has always been drawn to street art and graffitti…sorta got his start with that but quickly moved on to other things.  Montana spray paints and the store Woodworks (conveniently right around the corner from his home!)  are staples of his creations.  If framing his works, he usually uses birch but without frames, he is likely to use cherry, ash or cedar and gravitates to pieces of wood that other may find less desirable because worm holes, knots, etc. have more character.

one of his 3D boxes

one of his 3D boxes

Over the last 5 years, he has been experimenting with different techniques, mediums, pattern making, etc.  Since he has just recently been able to put more time and effort in to his creative process, he says he is  learning new ‘stuff’ every day. One of the  favorite techniques he is using recently is pattern making. There’s a lot of thought and effort put into creating interesting and dynamic patterns.  This is one of the first steps to creating his works.  First, he sketches (his wife calls it ‘anal retentive’ sketching cause he he erases and fixes till it’s just right!) on tracing paper and then he makes layered patterns/stencils that are the foundation of his work.

beginning of the line process

beginning of the line process

As I said, I got to watch as he began an illustration of a fox.  He had already stained a piece of birch so from there he pulled out his stencil to begin the layering.  Look below to see how the work progresses. After completing the layering, he began work on what he calls the line work.  He does this free hand and fills in with black outlining and accents.  To finish, he polyurethanes the piece with several layers …more layers when he uses vintage maps to ensure they stay adhered.   I would’ve loved to have seen how he creates the map pieces but we didn’t have time.  Suffice it to say, it is more time intensive and intricate…first adhering the map pieces with Mod Podge, then painting, outlining and so forth.

PicMonkey Collage

layering process

Example of finished product

Example of finished product

When asked what serves as inspiration for his work, he states:

 I am inspired by patterns, lines and structure. I use a lot of symmetry and in my work and love seeing that in everyday life. I get excited about finding the patterns in all living things. I like to take simple lines and shapes, layering them to create patterns and depth. Watching a piece build and come to life is my favorite part of the process. I create images that are multi-layered, expressing texture with each different layer. I take great care in choosing patterns and matching them with the right image. I use a combination of vintage maps, wood, ink and spray paint. I create my own canvases and frames using new and reclaimed wood. In addition to his studio, he has  an Etsy shop, promotes  commissioned pieces through Facebook and Instagram and currently sells his work at EcoFlora, a local organic flower shop on West Pacemont in Clintonville (proprietor Eva Provenzale has always supported local artists).  He is also lucky enough to have a wife who supports his endeavors AND is a photographer who promotes his work through her photography.



His work is  on display at Haiku Poetic Food and Art with an 11 piece collection through this month.  Rivet Gallery is showing one of his pieces for the Valentine’s Day group show(sold!) and he will be participating in Paint the Pint House at the Short North Pint House on Saturday, March 7th during Gallery Hop.  A very neat experience where every month an artist submits a proposal for a rotating mural …the day of Gallery Hop, he will begin painting at 10:30 a.m. and be present until the bar closes at around 2 a.m.!  I can’t wait to see this (formerly featured artist, Larry Doyle, has also done this)

patrick paint the pint house

proposed mural

proposed mural

He explains his current work and the ability to pursue his art in this way: I love what I do and I pour my all into it. I wake up every morning and have a need to create. It drives me, and is truly my passion. I really enjoy conceptualizing an idea, growing it and watching it flourish. I love the feeling of free handing a line from start to finish, the way the blade sounds against wood, and the smell of fresh paint. I love matching colors to create different moods, cutting patterns to build texture and giving my illustrations life. I just try to make work that sparks interest and conversation amongst viewers. I want it to feel playful, approachable and fun.

part of his studio

part of his studio

spray paint collection

spray paint collection

We also talked about where he would like to see his art go in the coming year.  First, he’d intends to spend more time dealing with the business side of art despite the desire to just spend time creating…like most artists! However, he and his wife, Angela, have talked about how this needs to be an important part of his studio time.  He also wants to begin work on a collection of 3-D pieces incorporating the same process he uses for his illustrations.  Getting more involved in the Columbus art community/connecting with other artists and showing more of his work in galleries are high on his list of priorities.  In addition, he has begun to produce prints to sell in his shop along with selling his works at Society 6. I think he is gonna have a busy and productive year.  I am super psyched to see where this year takes him and am happy to say that I am soon to be a recipient of one of his works…a sea horse featuring my hometown of Pittsburgh!!! Yipppeeee!20150215_143723

Contact for readers: Email: Facebook Fan Page: Painted Patchwrk Instagram: @paintedpatchwrk Etsy:



patrick and family


Number One in Series: Budding Artists: Jes Moore

This post is the beginning of new series that will feature emerging artists, be that current students or artists that have just begun to show their art in the Central Ohio art scene.  I hope you will enjoy this series and welcome these newbies to the ranks of the talented folks in our city and surrounding areas!

I am especially pleased to feature Jes Moore, encaustic artist and soon-to-be-graduate of Ohio Dominican!  This level-headed single mom and artist and I conducted most of our interview online but then we met at Polaris Mall’s kids’ play area to finish up while her adorable little guy, Jonah, ran around and had a grand time!!jes moore Continue reading