Cap City Creatives Turns 5 This Weekend And More!!!

Cap City Creatives (CCC) will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary this Saturday at Rehab Tavern in Franklinton.  BUT that is not all the is happening in this city of ours this weekend!  Check out events for tomorrow night, the weekend and for next Tuesday!  Columbus ROCKS!!!

The Origins of Abstraction

Main Library

Opening Reception 


6-8 of abstraction

Welcome to the opening reception at the Carnegie Gallery to see this juried abstract art show featuring the varied abstract works of 21 central Ohio artists in this show. Please send out this invite to anyone else you think would be interested in the show. The opening reception and show begins on August 7th and runs through September 19th.

Connection Status

Amy Leibrand Solo Show

Haiku Restaurant


amy at HaikuhaikuIn the age of the “selfie” fueled by social media, the representation of our personality has become more and more streamlined. We have the possibility to project an idea of how we are as a person into the world around us, but with the constant option of altering truth and inventing fictional characters. Never have we had access to so much information about each other, and never has the information been so unreliable. Connection Status studies the degradation of reality via the self-portrait by emphasizing the images’ digital components, as well as challenging their flat, two-dimensional state. In this series, the portrayed accuracy of images is corrupted using both digital and physical means. Code corruption was employed as a method to alter portions of data in the image files, resulting in random and unpredictable decomposition of images. Glitch iterations, on the other hand, were controlled, and supplementary pixelation and/or physical embellishment was tactically applied to further degrade the work. Physically distorted images were strategically cut apart, shifted and folded to dispute the representation of the subject, which is perceived as accurate when the image is presented in a flat, composed state. Through these means, Connection Status seeks to emphasize the transient nature of images and their potential for deception. Presented separately are two images, Broken Boundaries and Let’s Jump off a Cliff, which are the beginnings of an exploration into how we view seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These images aim to communicate how our perception affects action. The works are composites of original images.

Columbus Idea Foundry

August Classes

Franklinton cif clssesWell good morning August! The CIF wraps our summer quarter with more than 35 different classes this month for you to level up your maker skills!

Find and register for classes here: Continue reading


OMG!  OMG!  This is all I can say after my evening at the CS Gallery for The Second Annual Exposure Event!  Amy Leibrand (curator) Cindy Westover (accomplice..hehe!), Lisa McLymont (juror) and Daniel Colvin (gallery owner) outdid themselves last night at the opening reception for this amazing exhibit of mobile photography!!!


Every aspect of the event was phenomenal…from excellent food, over the top turn-out, yummy wine to exquisite art…what more could you ask for???

 I got there around 7:30, just in time for the one hour power outage…a celebration of last year’s power outage during the first hour of the event…and a gallery so packed that there was a waiting line to get in!  And,OMG, the first person, I see is Chad Cochran!!!!  FINALLY I get to meet this guy who I featured last summer and have wanted to meet forever! That alone made my night! 

Amy Leibrand and Daniel Colvin

Amy Leibrand and Daniel Colvin

Next was looking at amazing photography using our cell phones for lighting.  What an excellent way to start the evening.  The photography on exhibit is beyond words…so much variety, such talent, artists from all over Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, DC and other US locations AND work from Italy, Turkey, England, Denmark, and more!  I wanted to just purchase all of them, have Amy bring them to my house and set up a gallery there.  Unfortunately, my budget precluded that but I did purchase a gorgeous pic from Denmark…can’t wait to get that one home!!!

 I got the opportunity to see Megan Monteith Corwin, someone I meet several years ago at a crafts fair, who has found her passion in mobile photography after trying so many other art forms; says she thinks she finally found her niche. Donna Estep McCarty and Chad were other photographers that I have featured along with Amy.  I also got to meet several of the featured photographers and hope to have the opportunity to meet with and interview them along with some other artists I met from the 614 group.


Chad Cochran and Amy Leibrand

cindy and amy at exposure

Cindy Westover and Amy Leibrand, Accomplices in Photography!


It was a magical evening and I have to thank, most of all, Amy for her foresight to bring this innovative art form to the Columbus area.  I can’t wait to see what else she brings to our city!

If you weren’t able to attend the opening reception, you can still come out to the gallery to see the exhibit as it will be open for two more weeks.  Photographs can also be purchased through the online gallery at: